Thursday 21 April 2022

A day to be creative and generous

 Iris again,    I suppose it was inevitable that Judy's husband would share his germs with her:  yes, Judy has tested positive and is in isolation until after the weekend.     She hopes to be back on deck next week.

We had a very good week on social media, with a beautiful post from Little Wonder.  They included a Hunters Hill baby quilt in each of the gift bags they packed to give to all families in NICU for Easter.   And Grace's 'Ruby' Quilt design got our best 'likes' and 'comments' on our Facebook page.   We have not gone 'viral' yet, but perhaps, one day.

Alison reminded everyone that it is time to get your quilt show entry in.   Last day for entries is 12th May, but sooner is better.     Entries to Iris, either hardcopy or email.  Alternatively, Alison and Judy will accept entries as well.  

We have a visitor from US coming to talk to us next week.  Jessica will talk about the work that she and her team are doing in the US to connect charities in need with knitters, crocheters and quilters.  

Last week, Grace talked about her contact at St.George Nursing Home, Dementia Unit, who expressed the need for help to brighten up the ward and to make some more fiddle quilts.   This week,  Grace made 12 fiddle quilts, 5 wall hangings and 3 cushions and our community stash supplied 4 quilts and a wall hanging.  An excellent response.       Some pictures below.

A wall hanging made by Grace

One of the 12 fiddle mats and another wall hanging

Three quilts from our community stash made by Ros, Bev and Lindy 

And three baby quilts to add to our supply from Jane

Thank you all and have a good week

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