Saturday 6 February 2021

More Puppets

 Hi Everyone,

We had a group of 25 this week. It seemed quieter than normal but lots happening nevertheless.

It is good to see both Jonquil and Robyn returning regularly. It is Doreen's birthday at the end of the month. I have a card for her. Those present this week wrote in it. I will bring it again next week for those who were not rostered on. Gill said Doreen loves reading the messages and remembering everyone.

Sandy has found an unfinished quilt from Val in the cupboard. Val had sewn oodles of stretched hexagons together. Alison and Sandy have halved the very long rows. For next community day we will ask for volunteers to sew a row or two together. It will be a very pretty quilt when finished.

I was very taken with a Wendy Williams piece that Elva was working on this week. It was originally started by one of the elderly residents at the Montefiore residence. Elva is finishing it for her. I forgot to take a photo but will do so next week if Elva has it with her. 

AGM 18th February. We cannot accommodate everyone to attend but if you would like to watch on Zoom let me know and Helena will set it up.

Show and Tell:

Sheila made three baby quilts last week using leftover blocks and fabric for a bigger quilt. Many remarked on her machine quilting. It is very effective.

Alison's puppet friend Bruce bought a 3D printer, used Alison's old Apple Mac and 3D printed the bag, hat and staff for Don Quixote. There seems no end to his talent. Amazing!
Doreen's doily in full view as well.

Until next week .....

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