Monday 14 May 2018

Show Challenge Display

Hello Everyone,

I am a little late this week with the blog. It has been a hectic weekend.
I hope you all had a happy Mothers Day yesterday.

There are some members travelling at the moment so greetings to Sue D and Lindy. Also Hi to Hayley and others who can't come to regular meetings. Checking the blog is a good way to catch up with what has been going on with the group.

37 Sensory mats for our Show Challenge were displayed around the room on Thursday. They were all different and very colourful. Grace awarded prizes for various categories such as the most elegant, the friendliest, the most tactile, the one with the most fringe, the fiddliest, the clever idea. etc etc. It was great fun.
Grace awarded the winners with a Lindt chocolate each wrapped beautifully in a square of reusable fabric and tied with a pretty ribbon. Wonderful!

A number of girls admitted that they were bringing quite a few orphan blocks to our retreat for us all to work on. I am looking forward to seeing what we come up with.

I attended Grace and Gil's presentation of Waggas for the NSW Guild on Saturday afternoon. Many  ladies came to hear about the history of the Wagga and how the name originated.  Books and Waggas were passed around for everyone to look at.
There is a lot of interest in the Waggas and Grace showed a number of them. I have a couple of photos below.
The weather in Sydney on Saturday was cold and very windy with a strong Southerly blowing. A perfect afternoon to cuddle up with a Wagga.

We had fliers for our show on the table and a number were taken. We also sold $92 worth of raffle tickets. The sales were thanks to Gil and Grace's friend Anne who did a wonderful job selling them for us.

Show and  Tell:

First up is from Narelle. We were interested to see how Narelle had made the blocks. Narelle made the 'tulip' shapes and then added the square.
So colourful and pretty. A happy quilt. I have added a couple off close-ups below for you to see.

Next we have a jumble of some of the Sensory mats to show you how terrific they look. The last jumble caught my husband's eye and he really liked the colours.

This photo is  Grace showing the 'Fox' Wagga. This pattern is very popular and drew quite a few 'ums and ahs' of approval from the audience. It is quite stunning.

The Wagga below belongs to Kathy Doughty from Material Obsession. It is made from Vinnies' blankets and cleverly appliqued and pieced by Kathy.

So no excuses! Go to your local thrift shop for old woollen blankets and offcuts and get sewing a Wagga. Winter is the best time of year to make one.

Until next week .....

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