Sunday 15 April 2018

Visitors and Quilt Donations


* This week Tracey Sherwin from Unisson (formerly known as Sunshine Homes) joined us to tell us about her charity.
They have 30 staff and 800 participants. They help all ages with disabilities and also offer a day service as well as respite care.
The charity is government funded through the NDIS but extra funds are raised from selling arts and crafts, including painting and pottery, made by participants and also by raffling a quilt.

We donated 6 quilts for their use. Tracey said these will be used by their elderly residents to keep them warm during the winter. Residents in wheel chairs use them both as lap quilts and when they lie back in their chairs.

The quilts were particularly colourful and all made by our members.

* Heather brought a friend along to our meeting this week. Her friend Glenda lives near Dallas in Texas. She has an Australian grandson whom she likes to visit when she can.
It was such a pleasure to have her join us. She showed us a quilt and spoke to us about it.
The photograph is below.

Member News:

Norma -  one of our older members can no longer come to meetings as she requires more care. Elva has been to visit her and she is happy and enjoying her "new home". She misses us all though.

Doreen - is also in care at the moment while her daughter is away. She is slowly recovering.

Joy - is always at our meetings so it was noticeable that she was "missing in action". She has had a stay in hospital but is home now and recovering.
We all wish you a speedy recovery Joy and look forward to seeing you back here soon.

Show and Tell:

Heather showed us this very colourful quilt. Heather had quilted it using special Ruler Templates on her home machine.
These come in various shapes - straight lines, circles, etc.
Many of us did not know about these templates. They attach to your machine and make it easier to guide the needle for quilting.

Above and below, we have Glenda's quilt. Glenda said it is from a pattern which she offered to anyone who would like it. A number of her friends made the blocks separately, the only stipulation being that there was to be No Pink!
When all the blocks were returned they made this lovely, fun quilt.
It would be a great pattern for a Christmas quilt in Christmas fabrics.

Below is a close up of Heather's quilt to show the detailed quilting. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of the back of the quilt which showed the quilting more clearly.

A number of our members visited the Fairholme Quilt show at Thornleigh last weekend. It was a lovely show. 
I particularly liked their challenge. The instruction was for a 12" block in black and white with a splash of colour. 
All the blocks were amazing. It was difficult to choose a favourite. This was one of mine.
The blocks will be made up into quilts for Community.

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