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Saturday, 28 April 2018

The Grace Centre and other news

Hello Everyone,
Alison on the blog today.
Iris delivered 50 quilts to the Grace Centre for Mother’s Day. As you know, each mum and baby gets a quilt and Iris was told that the quilts are displayed in the office and the nurse who is caring for the baby selects the quilt which is ‘right for the baby’s personality’.
When we have another supply, Caroline and Karen from the Grace Centre will join us again with morning tea. It’s nice to know that they appreciate our efforts.
Our Carolyn has already started on our next supply with 4 more gorgeous quilts:

Jenny has added another string quilt to our community stash

A reminder that our Quilt Show Challenge is due by May 10 - should be lots of fun.
I was sent a link to this tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company on how to bind a quilt which you may find useful if you still haven’t finished your quilt for our next show...

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