Sunday 8 April 2018

Community Day and a Visitor

This week many of our groups were very busy piecing quilts for Community or finishing baby quilts.
We also had a visitor.

One of the charities we are supporting this year from our Show proceeds, is the Hornsby Kuring-gai Women's Shelter.

The President, Sallianne McClelland, came to visit our group and to speak about the shelter. They offer shelter for single women of various ages. During the three years that they have been operating, they have helped 230 women. This sounds very good until Sallianne followed up by saying that they have also turned away 780 women.

There is a a huge demand for shelters such as these. The women usually stay for a period of 3 months during which they receive counselling, advice and help finding work.

Hunters Hill Quilters presented Sallianne with 6 quilts that we had made. When a woman first comes to the shelter she is shown her bed, clean and made up. Then she is taken to choose a quilt from the cupboard. This quilt is something only for her and she takes this with her when she leaves.

These quilts mean so much to the women. They realise that they have been made with love and care and are a great source of comfort.

Show and Tell:

Marie G made this quilt which will go into our Community stash. Very colourful Marie.

Another quilt for Community from Jenny S. Jenny makes many quilts for Community. I always love the bright colours and the designs.

 Moina presented this baby quilt for the Grace Centre. Tiny hexagons and delicate colours.

Another baby quilt from Jenny S.

Carolyn presented 4 baby quilts, all made from her stash. Carolyn always knows which fabrics go well together.

We had a lovely visit from Laurel this week. Laurel has been one of our best sellers of raffle tickets for our show over the years. Laurel has also bought many raffle tickets. She has never won any of the raffles though.
However, Laurel won first prize at the quilt show in Mittagong recently. This is quilt she won.
What a thrill! Laurel said it suits her new house perfectly.

Until next time.

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