Saturday 4 November 2017

November Community Day 2/11/17

Spectacular Workshop Effort!
We were visited again today by the Days For Girls group, who ran a workshop with us to help manufacture their products.
The response from our membership was outstanding! Almost every member who attended today participated in the work with energy and enthusiasm. Workshop leader Janelle was overwhelmed by the amount of work produced, and the compassion our girls expressed for the cause.
Tired as we all were by the finish and pack-up, it felt wonderful to have been able to contribute in such a practical and substantial way.
Thank you to all the girls who participated. It knocked the visitors out to see such a response, and showed clearly what the ethos of this group is all about. (See shots below)

The sewing table  ...

The template and cutting table ...

The wonderful 'teachers'  from Days for Girls ....

Sewers and Trimmers  ....

Congratulations to Grace who has been out there winning awards for her quilts again! This time it was at the Modern Quilt Exhibition at Petersham Town Hall. A first place for a spectacular hexi quilt which obviously impressed the judges. Well done Grace.

Grace's Winning Quilt - picture 'stolen' from Facebook

Enjoy the wet weather and watch gardens come to life over the weekend. See you all next week.
Cheers, Elva

Show and Tell and more Community Work ..

To further support the Days For Girls group, we presented them with a community quilt to raffle. This quilt was worked on by many members, and features hand-appliqué done by many girls during the last show.

'Stitching Lounge Vases' 

Baby Cot Quilts  ...   three from Carolyn, using her distinctive fabrics and colours

and a more great colours from Beryl B

as well as the community work for Days for Girls, another community quilt in progress by the Blue Team  ....

Pictures by Iris  ...  happy sewing.   Cheers

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