Sunday 19 November 2017

Gorgeous Weather At Last - 16/11/17

What a lovely day to be together at the hall again, doing what we all enjoy.
There was an excellent turn up, and plenty of ‘Show And Tell’ items to share.
No new news really, just a reminder of dates for the rest of the year etc.
Show Meeeting - November 30th
Christmas Party - December 14th
Return 2018 date - January 11th
AGM 2018 - February 15th

I’m happy to report that the Hunters Hill/ Ryde Community Services raffle of our donated quilt at their art show went very well indeed. It was prominently displayed at the door, and therefore they sold many more tickets than expected. Stay tuned for news of the winner.

Enjoy the Show and Tell below.
Cheers, Elva

Show and Tell: 

Marie K. has been prolific - three fabulous quilts for our Community Stash - all hand quilted.

Gypsy Swirl

Snowball Flowers 

Snowball Family tree

Elva has finished this cute 'animal' quilt:  a present being delivered soon.  

'Over achiever' Grace finished this wagga ready for our show:  the picture does not do the hand quilting justice

and last, but not least  ...   the story of two quilts.   Sally has been working on her quilt for some time.  Sheila takes inspiration from Sally's work and in a weekend produces her 'Sally Inspired' quilt.  Both on display.  Sheila did explain that her quilt did not have all the authentic Japanese fabrics that Sally had.  

That's all the pictures for this week  ...   enjoy - Iris

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