Sunday 3 September 2017


Yes, we started getting ourselves ready for the new month tomorrow with delightful warm weather, and plenty of lovely new quilts being produced.
Next week we will have our September Community Day, and a visitor to chat about a possible new community project to become involved in.

Also next week Judy G will give us some information about the retreat weekend, starting on September 15th. There will be 20 participants which is a perfect number. We can't wait!

Don't forget our Birthday Party will be on September 21st, so bring along a glass for a champagne celebration!

You may remember the lovely quilt that Maree G showed last week. You can see it in the last blog. She has donated it to the Hunters Hill Ladies Probus group who are using it for a raffle to raise funds. Congratulations Maree! I know a few women from that group who are determined to buy plenty of tickets because they WANT THAT QUILT!


The first quilt is a very striking baby one for the Grace Centre done by Beryl B. Lovely choice of fabrics and clever design. Thanks Beryl!

Next is a community quilt from the Orange Group, using fabric donated by Meg. Apparently too much was ordered when the curtains were being made, and this much was left over. Just as well really, because it makes a stunning quilt! Well done Orange Group!

Next up comes the final finished quilted Traditional Raffle Quilt for next year's show. It looks absolutely stunning! Well done to Robyn J and her team for all the effort that went into it! I predict a very successful raffle for this one!

And finally a few secret glimpses of a rather spectacular quilt being put together for a special occasion later this year. I think its going to blow everyone away! Stay tuned!

Looking forward to seeing a good turn up for community day next week.
See you all then.
Cheers, Elva

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