Sunday 17 September 2017

2017 RETREAT 15th-17th September

A wonderful time was had by all! Robyn S was stuck in Lord Howe by bad weather, and Gil had dramas at home, but she still managed to make it to the mountains. Well done Gil! We were all delighted to see you after all that. Robyn is now home safe and sound, but sadly missed the retreat.
Many thanks to Judy G who stood in as coodinator late in the day, yet still managed to put on a fabulous weekend for us all. Much appreciated Judy!
Much quilting, laughing, fun and games added to plenty of eating, drinking with just a small session of exercise tucked in there as well. Thank you to all the participants for making it a great experience once again. Below are a few shots taken during the three days of work going on around the room. Enjoy.....

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