Sunday 17 September 2017


Quite a few girls missing today because they had already travelled up to Blackheath for our weekend retreat. The rest of us who are going on Friday are getting excited and prepared.

Next Thursday will be our birthday party day, so come prepared with your glass to toast the event.
It will also be an informal swap day for anyone who wishes to participate,

Thank you to Grace for making a new cover for our new drafting table, and a new cover for our ironing board. We feel renewed!


Just a few items were shown today. First is charming large quilt which Alison said she made in an effort to use up scraps. It has worked out very nicely, even though it did include a little bit of new fabric (as these ventures always do). Alison declares however that her stash doesn't seem to have diminished after all that. I seem to have heard that before as well! Anyway Alison, its a lovely result. Well done.

Next was a cute baby quilt from Sandra to add to our collection for the Grace Centre. Thank you so much Sandra. Its lovely!

And last came a delightful cot quilt by Susan H made for the first grandchild of a friend. It's very sweet Susan, and what a lucky friend. So many of us make quilts for extended family and friends, and it's one of the great joys of the craft I think. So much nicer than giving mass-produced products as gifts. Nothing like the hand-made touch is there?

So, we're off to the mountains for three days of uninterrupted quilting joy!
Have great weekend everyone!
Cheers, Elva

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