Sunday 9 July 2017


A full and busy hall today, with many people working on lovely quilts for our community collection.
The display wall was being used during the entire session, with a variety of lovely projects on display.

We are starting to discuss ideas for our next Quilt Show on 2018. If you have any thoughts about what our special challenge display might be, let us know. There are a few good suggestions floating around already. The excitement starts!

Don't forget to ring Redleaf and book your rooms for the retreat in September. Time runneth out!


We saw another lovely batch of baby quilts for The Grace Centre this week. The first was by Jacky.....

Next came a lovely one by Jenny......

And finally a whole bunch from Maree G! Wow Maree, you really did some work this week!

A very striking quilt for the community collection was shown. It was done by Ros and Narelle. Stunning!

The final show and tell item was a quilt put together by Mercedes Forbes. The blocks were made by our dear departed friend Cheryl, and Mercedes offered to put them together using the plan that Cheryl had left. A lovely job, and Cheryl's family will be over the moon. Thanks Mercedes!

I hope you are all enjoying this fabulous 'winter' weather! Nevertheless, we do need some rain.
Enjoy and see you all next Thursday.
Cheers, Elva

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