Monday 17 July 2017


Good to see so many happy quilters again today.
We are still chasing a couple of the white cards for hall entry, so make sure you check all baskets, bags and wherever else you might have stashed it. They are very easy to miss, being plain white with very little written on them. Do your best!

There were plenty of girls still working away on the community quilts they started last week. Great to see.


These four gorgeous baby quilts for the Grace Centre were made by Narelle. A fantastic effort for a very worthy cause. Many thanks Narelle.

Another generous collection below from Carolyn, again for the Grace Centre. Thanks you so much Carolyn, and to all the girls who continue to support this program.

The quilt below was done by Maree K. It's a wedding quilt and was quilted by Susan S J.
Very nice job. What a fabulous gift for the happy couple.

The quilt below was done by Susie bit by bit over ten years. I know the feeling......
Susie says she was delaying it because she never really liked the colours, but it makes a very nice quilt nevertheless, I'm sure you'll agree!

Susie showed another small quilt which she has been doing. Not sure of its details, but worth a look.

The knitted teddies below were done by Iris and Robyn J. They are destined for the Trauma Teddies program run by the Police Department for traumatised children. Another wonderful program to support! Thanks girls for your contributions. They are so cute and irresistable!

Best wishes for a lovely week.
See you all next Thursday.

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