Sunday 23 July 2017


Yes, the hall was packed and cosy this week. Just the right environment for stitching and catching up with friends.
We finally solved the mystery of or faulty entry cards! HOORAY! Turns out the council had cancelled all but one of ours, and we had no knowledge of it! All fixed now, and three of us have entry cards for when they are needed.

Don't forget to register at Redleaf and book your rooms if you're planning to go to the retreat in September ( 15, 16, 17th). The resort is holding another five rooms for our group, but not for much longer I wouldn't think.

Helena outlined her plans for the workshop to be held on 3rd August (Community Day). It will be a session on Helena's approach to applique techniques. She suggests you bring along whatever you like to use for applique, plus any applique task your currently working on if you have one. She will have samples of the materials she likes to use, but a glue stick might be handy, and whatever thread you like to use.
We're all looking forward to it.


First up, Joy showed us a stunning new quilt she has made for her 13 year old grandson. Apparently he is 'over' his previous train themed quilt! Cant imaging why......! He chose the colours for this one himself, and I for one approve absolutely! Well done grandma!

Next came a collection of potential wagga pieces, kindly donated by the NSW Quilters Guild. Very generous, and our wagga ladies were hugely impressed!

Robyn J showed this 'not-quite' completed Japanese themed quilt, which she described as a portable project for travelling etc. Needless to say it has been worked on over a fair amount of time. Some lovely work in the centre there Robyn. It will make a stunning finished product.

Robyn's next gem was this "Sensory Mat" with the gorgeous fluffy puss for stroking! It may be one to keep in mind as a model for our special show challege? Lovely Robyn.

And so our Thursday came to an end with much productive work achieved.

Enjoy the sun and see you all again next Thursday.
Cheers, Elva

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