Friday 5 May 2017


Well the hall welcomed in May with quite a crowd of quilters! Busy work everywhere, most of it as part of our Community Program.
Lindy brought bounty yet again from her farm, in the form of delicious bananas. We've had them before and the taste is amazing. Thanks Lindy.
Hayley paid us a visit at last and was walmly welcomed by all. Good to see her looking so well and bringing yet another of her fabulous quilts for Show and Tell ( see further down).

I know it's still a long way away, but we are starting to put our minds towards the 2018 HHQ Show! The raffle quilts are well underway, with the Traditional one completed I think! Well done ladies! The Contempoary one is being handed around for hand quilting. Add your name to the list if you want to be able to say "I did some of that!"
We're also starting to look for ideas for the 'Showcase' area. After the cards and the baby quilts, we need to come up with yet another great idea. There are already a few suggestions floating around, so add yours to the list.

Beryl reminded us of impending winter, and the call for old towels for dogs homes. Clear out your linen cupboards and bring them along!


As always, there were a nice bunch of baby quilts for The Grace Centre. These came from Lindy, Val, Grace (in that order) and one that seemed to have no owner! A mystery. However, all beautiful as usual.
Many thanks ladies.

As I mentioned above, Hayley brought along the finished product started at the last retreat. It looks amazing! Well done Hayley.

The A table worked on this next quilt, and it was quilted by Susan St J. Turned out extremely well and will join our Community pile! Well done ladies.

This next quilt was done by Cheryl, and a couple of us have worked to get it finished for her family. I believe it was one she was working on for the show before last, but sadly never finished it in time. Bit by bit we'll help to finish as many of her quilts as we can, both for the family and for community use. We miss you Cheryl......

Next is my hexi quilt, finally finished! Hand pieced and then machine quilted (which was the agonising part!) but satisfying in the end.

And last of all, a look at the design wall as yet another Community Day quilt emerges. There were plenty around the room coming together. It's always a busy and rewarding day first week of the month. This one's looking very nice.

So another week goes by. Thank you everyone for such warm participation and frienship. What a pleasure this group is!
See you next Thursday.

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