Sunday 21 May 2017


Was this the reason there were so many gaps around the tables in the hall today? We couldnt think of any other particular reason, so that's what we decided on. Let's hope everything goes back to normal next week.

However, those who were at HHQ had a productive and pleasant day.
Next Community day, 1st of June, we will be having a couple of visitors to pick up quilts and give a short talk on their particular community group. Looking forward to that.

Suzie L brought us all some wonderful oranges, lemons and rosemary. I must say it's fabulous getting these home-grown gifts from time to time. Thanks to those who bring them along. Much appreciated.


Also from Suzie L came a very sweet baby quilt for the Grace Centre. A simple quilt, but because it uses such gorgeous fabric, its a delight! Thanks Suzie.

Beryl showed us a quilt which was a special request from her grand daughter. Its based on a similar design to the one Beryl had in our last show. It's wonderful Beryl! The quilting on the back is also worth a look......

Joy showed us a quilt donated to our community collection by her sister-in-law.
It's a very nice scrappy design which I'm sure will be much appreciated by the future recipient. Please thank your sister-in-law Joy.

A finally, a shot of the basting tables where another beautiful Wagga is under construction! The wagga group work quietly away down that end of the hall, producing amazing results by the time the next show rolls around. It's always a delight to see them displayed in the show when the time comes.

Time to sign off after another productive week at HHQ.
Enjoy this glorious weather for as long as it lasts.
Cheers, Elva

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