Saturday 29 April 2017


Yes, the year keeps speeding past with never enough time to relax and quilt! At least on a Thursday we can drop all other matters for a while and stitch away with friends.

There was a good turn up with school term started again. All the grannies were back!

Thank you to Akiko who will fill in as treasurer while Grace takes a holiday break. See her if you have any HHQ financial matters to take care of. Safe travels Grace.

Thank you also to Kathy D for the donation of a large roll of fusable wadding to the group. It will come in very handy for our community program, and possibly other activities as well.


Lindy has become known as the Baby Quilt Queen. She is so prolific in her work on this project.
Today she showed us her latest batch of 6 little quilts! See them below......

So many and so delightful as well! Thanks Lindy.

Iris showed three quilts, the first of which was one done by Grace for the community collection.
Lovely contrast of colours!

Second was one done by Iris herself and quilted by Grace. A very stylish looking quilt, and again very nice colour choices.

Last of the three was the completed quilt done by many members of the group in the stitching lounge at our last show. Iris put it all together, and again it was quilted by Grace. It looks stunning.

The final quilt displayed today was by one of our relatively new members, Sandra. It is destined for her daughter- in-law (lucky girl) and is called 'Purple Panic'! It is a huge 3 metres by 3 metres! A tremendous effort Sandra, and beautifully done to boot!

And with that outstanding effort, we say farewelll to April and head on into winter. Excellent weather for.........ah yes, QUILTING, what else?
Cheers everyone!

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