Friday 7 April 2017

April Community Day

Iris on blog this week, as Elva and Alison sort out Elva's technical problems.

Elva paid a very heartfelt tribute to our fun friend, Cheryl.   Cheryl was a HHQ life member  having joined in 1991.  A lovely lady who will be missed.

Grace discussed the quilting of the traditional raffle quilt:  she has a list for quilting volunteers,  so chat to her about which week is a good week for you to work on it.

Robyn and I talked about our visit to the Grace Center last month:  as usual we were given a very warm welcome as we delivered 50 cot quilts and Adrienne's completed quilt which will be raffled at their June Fund Raising Gala Event.    The parents of every baby in their care over Easter will be given an Easter package which will include one of our quilts.


Community activity

As this was community day, many different community activities were in progress.  Here's just a couple .....

Work started on a new community hand project from a selection of donated fabrics  ...  

The Orange Team under Narelle's supervision were working with these blocks  ...  experiments with sashing happened after I took the picture.

Show and Tell 

June's baby cot quilt for Grace Center.

Laurel's 'No name yet' quilt,  which she would like to go to the Women's Refuge that we support.  The fabric is Kathy D's design, donated by Audrey and worked on by Laurel ...

Grace showed us a quilt top that she made with a new 'super easy' block - mixing turquoise and orange  - my picture did not do it justice,  so we need to wait until the quilting is finished before we see it on here.     The quilt will also be for a community donation.

This fun 'bobble' quilt was made by Sue for a new baby 'tummy time' ...   Sue is happy to share the pattern.

Enjoy your week and happy stitching ...   Iris

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