Sunday 6 November 2016


Yes, the year is disappearing fast, so there's no time to waste!

We had a lovely card from Inala thanking us for the donated quilts. They're making good money from them, which is wonderful and they are very appreciative.

It was community day again today, and there was plenty happening. A box full of 98 fiddle quilts and 14 muffs is ready to be sent , and we have plenty of local nursing homes interested in more. Many thanks to all the girls who have worked so hard on these. 

This month we also have a quilt almost ready to be sent for the Lord Mayors Picnic raffle, and quilts ready to be picked up by representatives from the Gladesville Communty Centre.

Our famous community efforts continue, thanks to the unflinching efforts of Iris in motivating us to participate. In recognition of this fine tradition, Hunters Hill Council has generously awarded us a Community Grant to help us continue this work. Many thanks to the council for their support.

Here's a shot of Iris already working on another community project (not sure when she ever sleeps!) which some of us remember working on bits of in the stitching lounge during the show last August.


We were presented with a donation of fabric today from Betty Wilson, a former member. Thanks to Sally for getting this to us. It certainly was appreciated by all, and many people took useable pieces. Community work will see the benefit of the gift as well.



 Narelle showed us her completed braid quilt which she started working on at the last retreat in May.
It's turned out very nicely Narelle. Well done. All scraps! Amazing what you can do.....


And here is a quilt destined for the community collection. This hexi gem has been worked on for quite some time we believe, by Lin, Ellen, Robyn H, Meg, Josie and Sue. I hope I didn't leave anyone out!
It looks fantastic! Thanks ladies. Most appreciated.


This gorgeous little baby quilt by Maree K will go to the Grace Centre collection.
What a massive community day!


Well done all, and thanks for your efforts.
When Robyn J returns, she will present the details for the next show's traditional quilt, which she has prepared for us as a Christmas break challenge.

See you all next Thursday. Cheers, Elva

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