Sunday 20 November 2016


Yes, the room was full and busy everywhere. 
Iris was doing yet another clear out of the cupboards. Thank goodness we have someone who feels compelled to de-clutter, because our cupboard space is finite!
Plenty of goodies spread about for  members to help themselves to, as many did. Thanks Iris and your helpers!



These hoops were a popular item, and we discussed using them to make display quilting samplers, as was seen at the Guild Show this year. I think it would be a great project for decorating a wall or for keeping for display at our next show. Give it some thought. There's a few of us going to give it a try.

We had a visit from Anna who works at the Ryde/Hunters Hill Community Centre in Gladesville Road. She came to collect two community quilts from our collection. One will be a Christmas Party Raffle prize, and the other a lucky door prize for one of their volunteers. Anna expressed her thanks and delight in receiving the gifts.





Just a reminder that Colleen will be setting up her 'shop' at Thursday group on December 1st. Come along and get started on you Christmas shopping with some original beauties!

Don't forget our Christmas Party will be happening a week later on Thursday 8th December. Please come, and bring a plate of something festive and yummy, plus a glass for champagne. Let's celebrate a fantastic and successful year in style!

Robyn J and Alison presented the pre-cut blocks for the 2018 Traditional Quilt! Talk about being well prepared! Nothing to do but stitch your block together. If you didn't get a bag, make sure to see Robyn next week for one. Thanks for all your work Robyn.

Next week Grace will present the Comtemporary Quilt block. Wow, we are really getting started early!

News from Adrienne is that she is at home, and very glad to be there. She would still be delighted to receive news and chat through emails etc. Thanks to those who have been doing this. 

Helena gave us a little feedback on her touch with royalty, and it sounded wonderful and moving. So glad this opportunity came your way Helena. Thanks for sharing it with us all.


Well, this was the only show and tell item on display. Beryl kindly stepped up to show us a skirt she made from fabric she won at the show in August. Very nice indeed, and it's lined as well. I think you have a calling in the fashion industry Beryl. No?


Have a great weekend everyone. See you next week.
Cheers, Elva

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