Friday 11 November 2016



With quite a few ladies away for various reasons, we were a quiet and contented bunch working happily in the hall.
We had a visitor from Bella Vista Gardens in Kellyville. This establishment has a dementia unit for which the HHQ ladies have made 17fiddle quilts and 10 muffs. Angela was thrilled at the donation, and brought us a delightful certificate of thanks and a box of chocolates! She gave us a little talk about how valuable these items will be for the patients, and expressed her thanks again. The group also donated a lovely quilt which was made by Beryl Jameison, a former member who sadly passed away some time ago. It is so wonderful to see her quilts going to support people in need, and she would be delighted.



Watch our for the next Template Magazine where you will find an article about the fiddle quilt program at HHQ. The Guild has taken quite an interest in it.

We are starting to think about our Christmas Party organisation, so if you have ideas for games, activities or challenges, please let any one of the committee know. It's always such a great day.

Show and Tell

These gorgeous little teddies have been made by Robyn J for donation to the police Trauma Teddies program. Well done Robyn, and also on all your work with the fiddle quilts as well. What a hard worker!


The following three little baby quilts have been made by Carolyn D for donation to the Grace Centre
for newborn care. Well done and thanks Carolyn.




Have a lovely weekend everyone. 
See next week.
Cheers, Elva

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