Saturday 25 June 2016


It's time to come in from the shivering cold and QUILT! This is the time of year our hobby comes into its own. A small group snuggled in our cosy hall, while clearly many others headed for White Bay to enjoy the pleasures of the Guild Show.

As promised, Narelle brought in the rosters for our own show in August, (only six weeks away) and volunteers are already signing up for all the tasks ahead. Lindy and Grace put their heads together to fine-tune the layout for the quilts in the Town Hall. Congratulations to Lindy for taking on such a major role in the show preparation, and many thanks to Grace for passing on her invaluable experience. This is how our group works best!

The next show meeting will be Thursday, 7th July at 9.30am in the usual place. Every meeting is vital from now on as we get down to specifics and chase up final details. I hope everyone can make it. Let Meg know if not so she can talk to you separately about your responsibility area.

Fill those rosters and distribute those gorgeous flyers as far as you can! We're up and running!


Maree K showed us a quilt she has made for a friend. Lucky friend, and beautifully quilted as well!


Iris showed her finally finished Ballet quilt which emerged at the retreat. Again, very nicely quilted!


The next one shown was contributed to by many members - mainly put together by Gil, with Iris doing the border. Looking fabulous, and now in search of a volunteer to quilt it! Any takers?


Iris's last offering was one put together entirely from scraps in the cupboard. You are amazing Iris! Well done.


Finally, Hayley showed her retreat quilt finished and awaiting an owner. It really is a delightful design Hayley, and anyone would be lucky to have it on their bed. Gorgeous! All the best for the next few weeks Hayley. We look forward to seeing you back soon.


For those of you going to the Guild Show tomorrow, we look forward to catching up at our very own HHQ display stall. Very excited. Thanks to Iris for all the planning and preparation. Blog of that event to follow!
Cheers all.

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