Sunday 12 June 2016


Well, only a couple of weeks till the Guild Show where our raffle quilts will be on display, and our display space will be in operation (Friday, 24th June). Thanks to all those who have volunteered their time to man the stall and help promote our group and our own show in August.

Rosters for our August Show will be out soon, and it's hoped they will fill up and cover all jobs. 

Promotional bookmark-sized colourful cards for our show are now available for distribution to various shops and businesses. Sheets are circulating at Thursday groups to sign up for those busineses close to you. Please help out with our publicity in this way if you can. 

Jenny announced the purchase of a new book for our library. It is the much sought after "Quilting with Japanese Fabrics" by Kitty Pippin. A fabulous book, and a wonderful addition to our collection. Thanks Jenny.


Beryl showed us two quilts today. The first was one she and her daughter worked on together. It will go to her daughter's partner. He's apparently nuts about bikes, so there's plenty of them!


And if there weren't enough bikes on the front, there's still more on the back!


The second quilt was a bit of a rescue job. Beryl's daughter started it, but was eventually defeated by the log cabin design accuracy. Beryl to the rescue! It certainly was worth it!


And the back's not too shabby either!


Yet another stack of gorgeous baby quilts for the Grace Centre were presented. These are by Sue D, June and Lindy. Delightful fabrics, beautiful work and very much appreciated! Thanks girls.


Maree G showed us a gorgeous quilt. She described it by saying " this is what happens when your son gives you a pack of fabric for Mother's Day!" Well, you certainly made the most of that gift Maree. Well done!

And so ended another fabulous Thursday.
See you all next week when we'll do it all again!

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