Sunday 19 June 2016


Next Friday we set up our display space at the Guild Show. We plan to promote our group and our own August show. Many thanks to Iris who has run with this project ever since we drew attention to it from the Template magazine, and thanks to all the girls who have assisted and volunteered their time to  the project as well. Let's hope it's a success for both us and the Guild. I'm sure they'll do it again next year if it goes well.

We welcomed Grace back from her wonderful holiday, and our thanks go to Akiko for holding the fort with the treasuer's job. Well done Akiko!

Don't forget to keep selling show raffle quilt tickets, and to distribute our beautiful flyers. Only six weeks away for our show!

When Narelle returns (we wish you a quick recovery Narelle) she will be handing out rosters for the show. Start thinking which jobs you wish to sign up for. We will need the rosters filled in order to enjoy another successful show. 


Lindy made another baby quilt for the Grace Centre, but unfortunately I missed my chance to get a shot of it. Sorry Lindy, but thanks once again. You have contributed so many to the cause!

Jenny showed us two quilts. The first was a tumbler design, cut with an Accuquilt go cutter (just like ours!). Very nicely done Jenny.


The second one was a ufo which June had nagged Jenny to get finished. Just as well, because it's well worth the effort! It's for an elderly aunt of Jenny's.


A few 'round the room' shots:

Helena hand-quilting her show quilt. Looking amazing!


Joy pinning a quilt for one of her grandkids I believe, ably assisted by Hayley. The last time we saw this quilt was on a wall at the retreat. Progress, progress! It looks very sweet. Perfect for some lucky little girl!



And finally, Val putting the finishing touches to another gorgeous Wagga. So many people I tell about our upcoming show say they can't wait to see all the beautiful waggas again. They're really a big draw-card! Thanks Val.


See you next Thursday, and possibly at the Guild Show on Friday.

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