Friday 24 July 2015

A day without Elva

Life just got in the way of Elva's quilting this week,  so Grace gave us our weekly update and Iris on the blog.

We received a lovely letter of thanks from Sarah Potter at the Dept. of Pain Medicine and Palliative Care at the Westmead Children's hospital.   You may remember we donated a quilt for their fund raising.  The raffle raised over $1600 which will go towards their palliative care equipment pool.     This is the quilt that we gave them:

Flower Garden

Because of a lovely show and tell quilt from Grace, discussion led to 'persuading' Grace to give an impromptu workshop next week on how to make the quick and easy Counterchange block.   So if you would like to participate you can bring your own fabrics - 20cm. strips of two contrasting fabrics - or help yourself from the cupboard.

The Counterchange block

This is how Grace showcased panels in her quilt top with Counterchange Blocks

and more 'Show and Tell  ..

A quilt by Susan St.J, who used a blanket as wadding

another Grace original ... made 'this morning' we were told !  A colourful cover for her new tablet.

Strips and Stripes by Jenny: all finished and given to Community 

and the completed Christmas Challenge quilt:   thank you to Helena for the quilting - perfect.

Stars in our garden

and finally  ...  in case you haven't checked out the other pages of the blog recently:  both the Challenges and Community pages are all up to date.

Have a good week  ...  See you Thursday,  Cheers Iris

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