Sunday 19 July 2015

16th July 2015

Greètings again!

It was a freezing and wet Thursday last, but nevertheless much was achieved. 
The Show committee had a very fruitful meeting before coming over to the main group. Lots of aspects of our 2016 show were nutted out and decided upon, many based on the results of our feedback survey of the previous weeks. Thanks everyone for your efforts in giving so many great ideas and useful information. Progress is definitely being made. And thanks to those who have stepped forward to pledge support with all the work and specific jobs that will come up. Looking good!

Many thanks to Jacky Smith for volunteering to fill the Librarian role now that Janet is moving north! We will only have Janet's company for a few more weeks, and Jacky has quickly stepped in for us. Much appreciated. Being close table buddies and friends, the briefing and hand-over should go very smoothly. Thanks ladies.

We had a veritable 'flood' of baby quilts this week. Many had been produced ready for last week's binding workshop, so that may explain it. Whatever, the Grace Centre benefits, and so do the little ones and their mums. One of our show decisions was that the mini-challenge be a display of Grace Centre quilts, so we can showcase the particular cause and explain the background. Feel free to work on some particularly spectacular ones if you wish. It will be an extra surprise corner of the show. Another winner with the viewers I suspect.
Here are today's group for delivery soon:













And the clever quilters of all these were (with a bit of luck in this order!) Helen, Jess and Maddie, Helena, Robyn S, Narelle and Ros, and finally Hayley! Well done. What a pile for the babies!

The next quilt is being made by Susan H for a silent auction at her grand daughter's school. Let's hope it makes them lots of money! Well done. Very good of grandma to go to all this effort.......


Joy showed us her tiny "Jess Challenge" result. Very cute. I'm impressed that these are still coming in. I'm sure Jess is also. Maybe a pot-holder?


The final two quilts were done by Helen (as if she hasn't had enough to do!) and she hasn't decided on where they will end up and with whom. Some lucky recipient. Grandchild I'd bet...........
I think both were done by the 'quilt as you go' method. Hope I've got all this right Helen. Feel free to scold me if I'm wrong. Tricky to admire the quilts, take photos and scribble notes at the same time, (whinge, whinge.......)



Well, another Thursday passes. How quickly this year is flying! Wait, I think I say that every year.......
Remember how slowly time went when you were a kid waiting for the next birthday or Christmas? Seemed to creep by for ever. Can't be our age can it? Naaaaaaah........
See you next time!

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