Sunday 14 June 2015

Welcome back day!

We had quite a few members who returned to us from travels, moving house, illness and work! It was great to see you back Norma, Judith, Cheryl and Hayley. I hope you all enjoyed your day.

The hall was full again with activities both personal and of a community nature. Everyone stays busy, and if there's no quilting to do - there's always other crafts to attend to:
Such as knitting for example!


These scarves have recipients waiting, so speed is of the essence!

We're all getting excited about the Guild Show coming this week, and many plans were being hatched for transport, car-sharing and meeting places. It should be another great event, as always. Look forward to seeing lots of you there.

The traditional Raffle quilt was being sandwiched and basted last Thursday, with more fine adjustments and discussion. Volunteers have been sought for the hand-quilting yet to come. This will also be of the traditional kind, and at least 15 people have already put up their hands for the task! Many thanks girls. With all that effort, it should be achieved in no time!




Word has gone out to invite a prospective judge for our 2016 show. As soon as we have a confirmation I'll let you know the result. Time to start some of the planning and preparations, even this far out!


We had one baby quilt this week to add to the collection. It came from Janet, and the very cute fabric was admired. Thanks Janet.


Maree G showed a lovely community quilt to add to our stash of them. She declares that it would make a nice 'man's' quilt because of the fabric used, and the colours. Either way it's a striking design. Well done.


Jenny finally got busy again and showed us a quilt top she's been working on. It will also be for community, and she says the black and whites came from Judith's cupboard. Gorgeous.....


 Interesting border fabric also (sorry about the blurry shot)! 


Have a lovely time at the show everyone. Don't spend too much money!

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