Sunday 28 June 2015

Special birthday day

Thursday, 25th June

We celebrated a special occasion, with birthday girl Norma, 90 years young! Thanks to the ladies who organised the cake, and made sure Norma got to group this week so that we could surprise her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NORMA from us all.



Two of us are visiting the local playgroup next Wednesday to help the kids in a fabric craft activity. With a bit of luck we will help to stimulate a new generation of little quilters! Thanks Narelle for helping out.
It could end up being a lot of fun. The playgroup delivered a lovely certificate of appreciation for the quilt we donated, which helped them raise nearly $600 for the playgroup! This is a fantastic sum for a little group that operates on a shoe string! Well done. 

A survey/brainstorm sheet on planning for the next show will be prepared and distributed as soon as I get a moment to do it. Start thinking about any ideas you may have had about previous shows and any changes, improvements or essential favourites that you would love to keep. Stay tuned........


Jill made this week's baby quilt, and it's a beauty! The backing fabric is gorgeous as well. Thanks Jill.



Robyn S showed us a quilt she won in a raffle. Lucky girl!


She went on to show us a quilt which has 'rested' for quite a while, but has finally been finished. Well worth the effort I'd say! Beautiful design, beautifully done AND all hand quilted by Robyn. Well done. Lucky daughter, who will be the owner of this gem.


Gil showed us a lovely knitted lap-warmer which she has done from some gorgeous Bendigo wool, given to her by Norma. It will now return to Norma in a snuggly, usable form. Perfect. 


Below is my little cot quilt done very quickly from a jelly roll that's been in the cupboard for years! The very quick 'tube' piecing technique had the quilt top done in less than 4 hours! Love the speed of it! 


That's the lot for this week. See you all next Thursday! Cheers.

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