Sunday 21 June 2015

June 18th 2015

Nice quiet and cosy day at HHQ today. Lots of discussion about the Guild Show which has been on this week and probably accounts for our diminished numbers today!  Congratulations to our members Grace and Karen who were prize winners in the show. Very high quality competition they were up against, so an excellent result. I managed to get hold of a shot of Grace beside her award winning original design " Silky Travels". Karen's quilt was the one we featured two blogs back - the amazing "Firestar", so check back to see it.


Well done girls. 

Jess has alerted me to an offer of a workshop by Helen and Susie on a new approach to machine binding. You can bring along a small quilt, maybe a baby one, to try out the method if you wish. At the moment we are looking at Thursday 16th July, but I'll keep you posted if this changes. Thanks Helen and Susie, and we all hope Susie gets well soon.

Don't forget that Susan H has a standing quilting hoop available if anyone is looking for such a thing. Contact Susan if you're interested. 

The quilting on the Traditional raffle quilt is looking great! Plenty to do, so see Robyn if you're keen to take over the task for a while.

Maree K showed this lovely quilt which Robyn J is taking to Alice Springs.


And the backing fabric is fabulous too!


Gil showed a very nice little quilt made from a jelly roll given to her. I gather it's an early attempt at using jelly rolls (if not her first) and it's a triumph. A little extra fabric added to the jelly roll, which is entirely normal I gather. Well done Gil.


Hayley has made this sweet baby quilt for the Grace Centre. Thanks and well done Hayley.


Kerry showed us an almost finished quilt for her new grand child. Looking good Kerry. Very cute fabric!


So there we have it. I hope everyone who wanted to was able to make it to the BIG show! It was great this year. The red and white challenge was outstanding in quality and interest I thought, and the 'True Blue' display was outstanding as well. The location seems to get better and better. I think they learn a thing or two each time. They'll have it all perfected just in time to go back to Darling Harbour!
Cheers, and enjoy your week ahead. Better weather on the way!

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