Friday 12 July 2019

Another Happy Morning

Hi Everyone,

We had a big group attend this week. As always it was good to catch up with everyone's news.

Iris piled the 18 quilts going to the new Womens' shelter on the side table. What an impressive lot.
The new shelter is in Beecroft for women over 55 and for a minimum stay of two years. Twenty women can be accommodated.
Sallyanne wanted to have a quilt ready for each lady as she arrives.
I am sure the quilts will bring comfort and warmth.
Thank you all for your effort.

Iris then announced that our cupboard is bare! We will have to get busy.

The wadding will arrive next week.

Helena's Workshop next community day - Wendy William's Pieces of my Heart Quilt:

Helena has been given permission from Wendy Williams to hold this workshop over the next two Community days - August and September.

What to bring:

Choose a colour for the heart
Choose a contrasting background for the centre
You need a bigger square for the centre of the heart
More fabric cut into strips between 2" and 3" wide
Background fabric strips can be up to 4" wide
1/4" sewing foot
freezer paper

From what I understand the heart is made from pieces of strip fabric.

Show and Tell:

Lots of Baby quilts

Six from Alison and her friend Ann 

 Four from Carolyn

 One from Bev with star machine quilting

Cot quilt from Robyn Jn

 One from Marie K.

And a cute one from Narelle

Iris will be standing in next week .....

Saturday 6 July 2019

Lots of Show and Tell

Hi Everyone,

Community Day saw lots of activity in the hall this week.

I found Iris in the cupboard with a screwdriver in hand, removing a shelf. This is to allow space for our new larger roll of wadding that is arriving next week.

Robyn Jnst set Olga to work cutting up the scraps of wadding to be used in her sensory mats.
A big job. Thank you Olga.

The Black Group were busy making lots of amazing felt items for our show next year. There seems no end to their talent.

Meg's Green Group finished a Community quilt made from many scraps.

Christie was busy with the sewing machine and the Orange group making a Wagga.

I was catching up with everyone and actually didn't even sew a single stitch this week. Better luck next week.

Logans Fabrics:
I announced last week that Logans were closing. This week Sue St. came to me to say that she thought that was incorrect.
I called the shop and spoke to the Manager.
Logans is definitely NOT closing.

I do apologise for not checking further last week.

Traditional Quilt for Show:
Please volunteer to do some of the hand quilting for this beautiful quilt. Iris has the quilt this week so please see her if you are able to help.

Judge and Charities for our show:
If you have a suggestion for a judge for our show next year, please see Alison.
Also if you would like to recommend a charity, please do so.

Show and Tell:
Quilts for Women's Shelter

We reached our goal of 18 quilts. In fact I think there are one or two extra.

 The scrap quilt from the Green Group:

 Community quilt from Narelle. Red and White is always stunning.

Also another two from Robyn Jnst. 

Below we have three cot quilts for the Refuge at Sutherland.
First one from Bev.
Next two from Marie K. 

Below a quilt from Beryl R. The blocks were originally cut incorrectly for a particular pattern
but Beryl cleverly put them together to make this lovely quilt.

Another cot quilt from Marie K.

Our group photo with the quilts for the Shelter.
 Unfortunately the most important person, Iris, is missing as she took the photo.
We will make amends next time.

Until next week .....

Saturday 29 June 2019

A Sunny Thursday

Hi Everyone,

After all the rain in Sydney over the last weeks, it was good to see the sun on Thursday.
Unfortunately though, the rain has not been falling in the Catchment area and many parts of NSW are in severe drought.

Members were talking about the QuiltNSW show and the various quilts on display. A QuiltNSW member won the first raffle prize. The show was a great success. Many photos were shared.

Alison had visited the Patchwork Plus stand at the show with her daughter. They were chatting with the owner and found that her shop is in Miranda. They subsequently visited the shop. Alison was impressed with the variety of fabrics for sale including many spots and stripes.
The owner very generously donated 5 metres or so of beautiful soft fabric stripes. We will use these pieces for baby quilts and backings.

Sheila had also visited a quilt shop, Patchwork on Pittwater in Mona Vale, during the week. This one doesn't have a shop front but is upstairs which makes it difficult to find. It is worth a visit if you are in the area.

Iris has received a few more single bed quilts for the Women's Shelter. They have asked for 18 so if you can help out that would be good.

Show and Tell:

First up we have a colourful quilt from Gill.  Gill was at Logan's and discovered that the owner is retiring so they are closing down. It is always sad to see a shop close.

A teaser sample of our Traditional Quilt for our show next year. Volunteers are needed to help with the hand quilting. It really is a lovely quilt.

Below are photos of quilts we are donating to the Women's Shelter.

Until next week .....

Sunday 23 June 2019

QuiltNSW Show

Hi Everyone,

I'm back from holidays! Thanks to Jenny for standing in for me and also Alison and Iris for keeping the blog going.
We had a lovely trip but it is always good to get home and back to normal. One thing that I was particularly happy to see everywhere was the effort to recycle plastics and paper etc. and the number of wind farms we flew over.

The QuiltNSW show is on this weekend. I spent most of Friday there. There are some amazing quilts on display. Catherine Butterworth won Best in Show and what a quilt!
I sat in on one of her talks where she described her process and thinking and came away full of ideas as well as wonder at her creativity.
It took her 11 months to make and it is really wonderful.

Iris had some news for us.

* You may remember that a few weeks back we gave some cot quilts to the CWA in the Pilliga called Come By Chance.
We received a copy of their newsletter in which they thanked us for our donation.

* Sally from the Hornsby Women's shelter has requested 18 single bed sized quilts for the month of August. We have 6 in the cupboard. So get stitching everyone.
If you have any at home, please make sure they are freshly washed and labelled.

* Iris also mentioned that the price of batting has gone up considerably. We have found a new supplier.
This means that we will no longer 'sell' any batting to our members. It will all be used for Community quilts.
The new batting is an 80:20 cotton poly and wider and costs $27/metre.


Suzie Lord spent most of last week cleaning out the kitchen cupboard. All the cups were thoroughly cleaned. Please make sure that you use hot water and soap when washing the cups. This is particularly appropriate during this winter cold and flu season.

Show and Tell:

 A baby quilt from Jenny

A tiny sample of our Traditional Raffle Quilt for our show next year. It is a beauty! Thank you to Christie who has done a lot of the work to get the quilt to this stage.
Please volunteer to help with the hand quilting.

And that's all folks for this week .........

Friday 14 June 2019

Lots of members still travelling ...

So, Iris on Blog this week. 

Jenny reminded us that the QuiltNSW Show is on next week, Wednesday 19th to Sunday 23rd at the Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour.     Five days of all things quilting, stitching and crafting. 

Excellent progress with the traditional raffle quilt:   Christie and her team of helpers, ironed, then ironed again, went shopping for wadding and then got down to the job of pinning it all together. 

Show and Tell: 

Marie K has been super busy this week, with three quilts for show and tell:

This little cutie for the Grace Centre Newborns

These two 'toddler-size' quilts for Robyn Jo to deliver to Amelia House

Note the counting theme!

Chickens are in!

Although we call ourselves a 'quilt' group ...   just look at the other various 'stitching' activities in progress on Thursday:

Happy stitching, until next  week.

Saturday 8 June 2019

June Community Day

It was an exciting day for the Hunters Hill Quilters to see Christie putting the raffle quilt together and there was lots of Show and Tell.
Sheila has finished her knotted rag rug...
Sheila's knotted rag rug
Beryl R. who broke her finger a few weeks ago, needed something to do so she made a quilt for Barry the Dog who we are told is not terribly fussy about the quality of the quilting:

Beryl B. has made this stunning Millefiori quilt without using any papers...
Millefiori Quilt by Beryl R.
 Then there were lots of baby quilts for the Grace Centre from Carolyn, Alison, and her friend Annie...
Baby quilt by Carolyn
Baby quilt by Carolyn
Baby quilt by Carolyn
Baby quilt by Carolyn

Baby quilt by Alison
Baby quilt by Alison

Baby quilt by Annie
Baby quilt by Annie

Baby quilt by Annie

Baby quilt by Annie
Baby quilt by Annie and Alison
Baby quilt by Annie and Alison