Sunday 16 October 2016


We were a happy crew this week. It must have been the lovely weather that has touched us all with a sense of fun and laughter.
Welcome back Laurel who has returned from her travels. Looking good and fit to go!
Grace handed out brochures for the 'Modern Quilt Show Australia', which is coming up on Saturday and Sunday, 26th and 27th November. It will be on at the Glebe Town Hall, 160 St Johns Road Glebe.
Entires close 23rd October, so if you're thinking of putting a quilt in, better hurry!
(See their website for more details)

Beryl wanted me to list for you all some old volume numbers of "Quilters Newsletter" magazine. Her daughter is after various things in these issues if you happen to have them and are thinking of culling - (aren't we all.)
She is interested in the following:
Antique Rose Sampler  
       Vol 338 Dec 2001
       Vol 341 April 2002
       Vol 344 July 2002
Posy Primer
       Vol 375 Sept 2005
       Vol 379 Jan 2006
       Vol 380 March 2006
       Vol 382 May 2006
Prairie Compass
       Vol 374 August 2005
       Vol 375 Sept 2005

Have a look through your pile if you have them and have time. Beryl would be grateful.


Lindy showed us this quilt with a delightful collection of fabrics. It will go into the community stash when finished. Looking very nice indeed.


And now two gorgeous baby quilts destined for the Grace Centre. These are by Maree K.

And two 'Fiddle Blankets' by Christie. Wonderful!

A 'Fiddle Blanket' from Carolyn D. Amazing collection of fabrics!

Three baby quilts from Lindy. Spectacular!

And finally two cot quilts by Maree G. Very nice. Sweet, soft colours. Maree's daughter-in-law and a friend who are expecting babies around the same time will have to choose who gets which one!
Hard to choose indeed!

Lovely work as always girls. After all, there are never enough quilts in the world are there?!
See you next week.

Saturday 8 October 2016


A very short blog this week. Most of the work being done in the room was contributing to our community projects, as is traditional on the first meeting each month.

We farewelled Hayley who will be away from the group for a couple of months or more for work. Safe travelling Hayley. We will miss you.


Just a few baby quilts to show for this week. Great that these keep coming in.
This first one is by Beryl R. Very sweet pattern......


The next three are by the prolific Maree K. Gorgeous fabrics and very lovely designs. Thanks ladies....




So, that's all we had this week folks. 
See you next Thursday.

Monday 3 October 2016


Yes, next week will be the first week of October, and so Thursday will be devoted to community work for those who wish to participate. There are now plenty of examples of 'fiddle blankets' and other tactile objects to copy from for those interested in the current effort. Also the baby quilts are constantly in demand. Iris and Jenny started to put the Lord Mayors Quilt up on the design wall, and it's looking fantastic. Thanks ladies and all those who have contributed so far. 


As well as these activities, other quilts for community can be worked on. Please see Iris if you need some guidance on what available or what to do.

All the new HHQ badges have arrived, so if you are a new member, or you ordered a new one because of loss, just see Grace who has them ready to go.

Thanks to all those who helped chase up keys for us, and particular thanks to Joy who has gotten everything under control. Joy reports that there is still an outstanding bunch of keys which hasn't been returned, so it might be one of our travellers or someone who is away for other reasons. Joy has had new copies made of the all-important cupboard keys, so all the sets in the kitchen cupboard are now complete. It may be a good idea when you are handed a set for the following week to give them a try out, just to make sure they all work and you know which is which. Please remember that all sets should be handed in when your kitchen duty has finished. Cheers, and thanks again Joy!


Kathy D showed us this lovely quilt which she was binding. It's top is a mixture of her fabrics, and the back is from the "Folk Art Revolution" range. 



Helena showed these squares which are part of a 'block of the month' quilt as you go project. It's a Sue Cody design "Gelato Rose". Looking very nice. Can't wait to see the full effect.

That's all for this week. Enjoy the long weekend, and the various football events for those who follow the sport! Cheers, Elva

Friday 23 September 2016

A gentle fun stitching day

Elva was on emergency 'grandma' duties, so Grace reported the news, and Iris on blog.

Business first:  Joy and Elva are sorting out keys - so if you have keys for any of our cupboards, can you please give them to Joy.

Jenny has added a new book to the library - 'Scrap Basket - Stripes and Squares'.  Colorful and simple, yet ideas with impact.

Lots of interest for 'Fidgety blankets' and 'Twiddle muffs' project :  any questions or if you need supplies, chat to Robyn Jo or Iris.   Pam R. visited with bags of  fabulous 'textured' fabrics.

And,  special thanks to Lindy, our own  'avocado queen' : a box of a avocados disappears as fast a box of fabric.

Show and Tell:

Robyn S shows us her quilt for her newest great grandson, Zane.  

Dancing penguins !

Marie K showed the 'Star Wars' quilt she made for her 9 year old grandson.  

Heather's granddaughter has to have fun with this  ...  a fabric book of  dress up dolls, complete with pocket 'wardrobes' filled with lots of changes of clothes.

The front of the book - dolls in their undies !

With a selection of dresses to choose from ..

and deciding which dress to wear for Christmas

 All fabulous fun projects   ...   happy sewing for another week.     Cheers Iris

Sunday 18 September 2016


It was a quiet day with lots of girls away on various journeys or other family commitments.
Nevertheless, plenty of quilting work continued as always. 

Jenny presented the new book acquisition for our extensive library. It's called "Mixing Quilt Elements -  Modern Look at Colour, Style & Design" by Kathy Doherty. Have a look at it when you can. Some great ideas.

Iris and Robyn J presented a possible new community project for the group to work on, which involves making of items for use by dementia patients. Sounds very interesting and worthwhile. Stay tuned for more details. 

I'm sending out a group email tomorrow asking for all those who have hall keys to bring them in. We need to check all keys and get rid of obsolete ones. Thanks.


Quite a few bits and pieces to show this week.
This first one was presented by Felicity. It's been quite a long time since we've seen her, but clearly she's been busy stitching as always! Thank you Felicity. The Grace Centre will be delighted at the start of the next pile.


I managed to get a quick snap of this gorgeous pink from Jess, who was doing one of her flying visits. Before she left she showed me this. It's going to be stunning, and may end up in Quiltmania magazine!
We'll keep an eye out.....


Sheila showed us this next one which she's made for a friend's grandson I think. It's very nice and has cute backing fabric as well. Thanks Sheila.



Gil declared that she has promised herself never to do another fox quilt! But she was persuaded to do just this one more for a friend's baby. Cute and quirky as ever! 


Iris showed us a batch of community quilts destined for the Macquarie Hospital.
This first one is by Pam Reeves and is called "Sydney Dry"


This next one is "Spring is Sprung" and is by June.


This little gem is one we showed recently and is by Kerry. It's called "Kerry's Rose Garden".


Next come "Challenge in Blue" by Gil


This next one is "Lightning Strikes" by Ros.


And finally the workshop quilt produced during a Grace workshop recently.


Quite a collection which I'm sure Macquarie Hospital will be delighted with. Thanks girls for all the community work you do. It's much appreciated.

That's all we have this week. 
See you Thursday.
Cheers, Elva

Sunday 11 September 2016


What a day! We had lots of members, champagne, special visitors and CAKE!
Yes, it was our birthday, and we celebrated well.

This year's show judges, Karen and Carolyn from the Grace Centre brought us a gorgeous cake surrounded by little baby cakes! The cake itself had a quilting theme (very cute) and it was all made by Karen's niece. What a lovely surprise!


Around the cake you can see part of the pile of 61 baby quilts which we handed over to the girls. 31 of these were our display baby quilts from the show, and the others are ones which have continued to come in from members. Thanks everyone, the Grace Centre is so delighted!


Here's Karen and Carolyn thanking HHQ.


We were visitored also by Dr Elizabeth Scott, who accepted our cheque from the show. Her research into better treatments for youth mental health was the focus of our fundraising efforts this year. Elizabeth spoke briefly about what they do and expressed her delight at our gift in supporting their work. Genie, who spoke for Elizabeth on opening night, was also present and quite overcome by the generosity of the gift. As well as the cheque, Meg presented  the Silk Fans quilt which will be hung in the foyer of their workplace. Below are a few shots which give you a sense of the occasion.






.....and the inevitable 'group shot' minus the photographers of course.
A fantastic roll-up and a wonderfully happy event.


After our guests had departed, we had a brief meeting to update news of next year's retreat, and to set dates for it and the Christmas break.
The dates are as follows:
Christmas Party - 8th December
Quilters resumes - 12th January 2017

Retreat dates - 15th - 17th September 2017
Redleaf Resort Blackheath
Single rooms - $199.50 per night (includes breakfast and dinner)
Twin rooms - $ 290.00 per night ( includes breakfast and dinner)
These rates haven't changed from this year.

We congratulated three new Life Members this week - Robyn S, Cheryl and Doreen. Only Robyn received her badge on the day as Doreen and Cheryl were not there, but their badges will be passed on to them.
Congratulations girls on 25 continuous years of membership of HHQ! Quite an achievement!


Yes, we even had time for some show and tell!

This gorgeous quilt is by Helen for her little 3 year old grandson Michael, who is about to move to his first 'big boy' bed! A very exciting time for him and a very devoted grandma to make it extra special for him! Well done Helen, and we love the back as well.



Carolyn D showed her version of the hexi quilt we all seem to be doing. Just as well we have all had a different take on it. They are all so varied! This one Carolyn tells me was done with just a basic hexi template which she drew lines on to vary each hexi. The fabric variety speaks for itself I think. It will be a stunner when finished


Finally Iris showed this finished quilt which has been worked on by many members. It will be a community quilt, and was one of the 'stitching lounge' efforts during the show. It has now been quilted and bound beautifully by Iris. 


Susan H showed us a beautifully made Wagga cushion, one of two, which she made as a commission for a gentleman who had bought one of our waggas at the last show in think. He wanted some cushions to match it, and Susan has obliged! Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of the cushion, but it was very nicely done. Thanks Susan, and a little extra income from the show as well. Excellent!

Well, it was a big day, and a wonderful celebration for our birthday. 
See you next week all. Enjoy the gorgeous weather!
Cheers, Elva