Saturday 2 August 2014

In case you missed it, here is the banner on the bridge.

See below for more Waggas which are for sale at the show:

Thursday 31 July 2014


Well, it's getting pretty exciting now. Our last show meeting ironed out any final details. What an impressive committee! I feel like I didn't have to do very much at all. A well-oiled machine indeed. 
Community radio 2RRR will broadcast a short interview I did last Monday about the group and the show. It will go to air tomorrow morning at about 9.30am if you want to tune in. 

Deb is already talking about next years retreat! May as well start planning now. Plenty of things to think about there. The thinking is late August. Weather should be getting very nice by then. 

Anyone who has questions about the show, don't hesitate to contact any of the committee by phone or email. I think Grace, Jenny and Robin went through everything pretty thoroughly today however. Thanks girls.

And now for some Show & Tell. Other work continues to be produced in spite of the show!

First, three lovely little baby quilts for The Grace Centre. First two by Jessica and the third by Susan H

Next a gorgeous colourful quilt by Helen for her 1 year old grandson. Check out the back as well! He's going to get a lot of use out of this one Helen!

Next come two waggas from Lindy and Helena. The wool fabric was part of a huge stash donated by a very kind lady. The girls spied it to make these gorgeous designs. Hoping to get them finished for the wagga room at the show. Well done girls!

And finally, a mini design for a Cityscape project. Jenny calls hers the car park! Very appropriate, and cute!

So that's all for today. It was busy and productive. Good to see so many people working hard, enjoying themselves and getting excited. See you all at the show next Thursday and beyond!
Cheers from Elva

Thursday 24 July 2014

Only 2 weeks to go!

Hi everyone, Elva here. 
A good roll-up to quilting today. Good to see Judith and Cheryl back and on the improve. Best wishes to Henny and her husband. We hope all continues to go well.
Good publicity has been around in the SMH and local papers. Fabulous promotion for our upcoming show. Not long now. 
Surprise, surprise.....still having problems with the magnificent new front door! I think we could use the old 'told you so' adage. What a pity it came true however.

A feast of beautiful 'Show & Tell' quilts today, with plenty for community. Here they are.......

Iris made these two beauties, with matching bags and properly labelled, pleasing Susan no end! Iris was also pleased with her free-motion quilting efforts. Well done!

Marie made these lovely ones, also for community. We're certainly a hard-working and generous group. Good on you all!

Cindy has made this wonderful quilt for her mum. Wow!

Kathy's niece Kat is making this 'quilt as you go' delight. Well done to a new quilter!
Kat is also working on the hexagon pillow slip design on a striped background below.

Grace has made this gorgeous wagga for the show and promises a workshop on the techniques used if people would like. Sure to have some takers for that Grace.

Finally another wagga, this time by Jessica. Very striking!

Beautiful work ladies. So much talent and application! Show visitors and really in for a treat!

Have a wonderful weekend all. The weather is promising to be outstanding, and into next week as well. 

Saturday 19 July 2014

3 Weeks to Show Time

I think this is a great publicity shot!

Show Business from Jenny:
  • Return Raffle tickets by 31/7
  • Opening Night tickets available for all your friends - $20
  • Posters and Flyers are available to be distributed in your local areas
  • Add your name to the rosters
  • Grace is in 'control' of set-up
  • Forms for selling quilts available from Robyn and Laurel
Next Year's Retreat:

Deb is starting to think about the organisation,  so she is looking for suggestions.  As 2015 is an 'off-show' year, the suggested dates are late in August.     Give it some thought and chat to Deb.

Show and Tell:

But first congratulations to Jessica,  Deb and Cath's MO Group:  Guild Show winners !!

This is Jessica's winning quilt:   the back is equally as stunning.

Grace participated in a two hour workshop at the Guild Show and this is result:  being an overachiever, Grace made her scarf reversible !  Looks super good.

The Door !

Still not working as it should be: await the next installment !

Elva - hope you are feeling better  ...     Cheers Iris 

Thursday 10 July 2014


Thursday 10th July
Hi quilters and friends. Elva here. Quite a good turn up today given there were several people away at the Guild Show. Some of us went yesterday and loved it. Reports are that the venue is filled with light for good viewing of the quilts. Also travel is variously successful and then not so much. Ferry seems to be the easiest and most pleasant. Table space and chairs for eating and break times was a bit limited. Some of us ended up 'picnicking' on the carpet! Obviously many visitors used to vacate the Darling Harbour site and head to local restaurants and China Town for lunch. Not possible at Rozelle Bay! Overall it was agreed that the show was great and the quilts well worth all the efforts of getting there. Three Hunters Hill Quilters won prizes: Jessica with her 'Errant Geese', Catherine B with 'String Along' and Deborah L with 'Modern Plumming'. Hearty congratulations to all these members.

Now we can concentrate on our very own grand event on August. Just 4 weeks away!
More blokes needed (on the Thursday) of the capable to climb ladders variety. Also some free-standing 6 foot ladders.
Forms for stage quilt sales will be available next week.
Still some gaps in the jobs rosters to be filled next week it is hoped.
Raffle tickets and money returned by end of July please.
Outstanding card quilts by July 24th please.

Still having problems with the 'wonderful' new hall door! The poor guy from the council is being driven crazy by calls from us and all the other hall users. The manufacturers and locksmiths have gone back to the drawing board yet again trying to get it right. Ho hum! We hope for some improvement next week. Thanks for your patience everyone. Actually, come to think of it, what else can we do but be patient?

Last but not least, some Show and Tell!

Note: the 'made fabric' workshop quilt shown in the previous blog is being donated to a refugee group through Jill R's daughter.

Baby Quilts from (in this order) Robyn S, June and Gil

Margaret D's ckeck beauty and the back made from table cloths

A lovely wagga by Susan H and Jessica

Have a rugged up weekend everyone. Have fun at the show for those heading that way. Tell us all about it next week. 

Saturday 5 July 2014

Thursday 3rd July, community day!

It was good to see and to hear that there was a great buzz going round!

Show committee had  another good meeting.
Everything is still going well and to plan.
Iris has lots of flyers. Please distribute wherever you like, for example in your own street or among your friends.
If possible, can all the raffle tickets be back by the end of July.

Elva had a practice run to the Glebe Exhibition Centre by car.
Alison tried to get there by ferry, but she was a week early!
In case you don't want to go by ferry, and not by car all the way
From James Craig road there are shuttle buses.

Show and Tell

Community quilt of made fabric

Made a couple of quilts for the under 35 competition.

French Village

Camouflage stars

Rainy Day Walk

Jessica has added new colours to her printed letters/numbers fabric.
Mustard, Turquoise and

Please remember to lock all the cupboards when you are on duty!

Here are some of the waggas and quilts which will be on sale at the show

Follow Hunters's board Quilts for sale on Pinterest.

Happy Stitching!

ps maybe a bit of cheering for the orange team?
Sunday morning 6am

Friday 27 June 2014

Thursday 27th June - New Hall Door Day!

Well yes, we did get a new door on the hall, but as they said at the council "There may be a few teething problems". Ahem! Firstly, you can't enter one second before 10am (so much for the 15 minute leeway). Secondly, once it allows you to enter, if you let it close again the next person can't get in without using a card again! Brilliant! A call to council and eventually a visit from the handyman, and we have been promised that this 'glitch' will be sorted by next week. Anyone care to bet on that? We may need to use the chair or a brick again to chock it open for the day. Let's see what happens.

On other matters, Iris brought in plenty of Show leaflets for members to take for distribution. Please help yourself and pass them around far and wide. Tickets for opening night were on sale, and will be next week and beyond. Show committee members, remember the early meeting next week. Narelle displayed her show rosters again, as did Robin H for the kitchen duties. Please feel free to fill them up! Bring along any quilts you wish to sell from now on so Alison can photograph them for promotion ahead of the show.
By the way, if anyone has "Collaborative Quilting" out from the library, could you let Janet know and/or bring it back to the hall when you can. Many thanks.

And finally to Show & Tell!
Not as many as usual this week, so I've included a few shots of an impromptu short workshop held by Susan H on how to make the gorgeous bags so much admired by members. Thanks Susan for sharing your skills.

Helen K's beautiful Bedford Mystery Quilt

Another gorgeous baby quilt, this one by Jenny S

Lindy M's quilt for possible selling at the show

And finally the happy quilters at work yesterday! Have a lovely weekend everyone. Mind the chair/brick as you enter the hall next week! Ho hum........