Friday 27 June 2014

Thursday 27th June - New Hall Door Day!

Well yes, we did get a new door on the hall, but as they said at the council "There may be a few teething problems". Ahem! Firstly, you can't enter one second before 10am (so much for the 15 minute leeway). Secondly, once it allows you to enter, if you let it close again the next person can't get in without using a card again! Brilliant! A call to council and eventually a visit from the handyman, and we have been promised that this 'glitch' will be sorted by next week. Anyone care to bet on that? We may need to use the chair or a brick again to chock it open for the day. Let's see what happens.

On other matters, Iris brought in plenty of Show leaflets for members to take for distribution. Please help yourself and pass them around far and wide. Tickets for opening night were on sale, and will be next week and beyond. Show committee members, remember the early meeting next week. Narelle displayed her show rosters again, as did Robin H for the kitchen duties. Please feel free to fill them up! Bring along any quilts you wish to sell from now on so Alison can photograph them for promotion ahead of the show.
By the way, if anyone has "Collaborative Quilting" out from the library, could you let Janet know and/or bring it back to the hall when you can. Many thanks.

And finally to Show & Tell!
Not as many as usual this week, so I've included a few shots of an impromptu short workshop held by Susan H on how to make the gorgeous bags so much admired by members. Thanks Susan for sharing your skills.

Helen K's beautiful Bedford Mystery Quilt

Another gorgeous baby quilt, this one by Jenny S

Lindy M's quilt for possible selling at the show

And finally the happy quilters at work yesterday! Have a lovely weekend everyone. Mind the chair/brick as you enter the hall next week! Ho hum........

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