Saturday 19 July 2014

3 Weeks to Show Time

I think this is a great publicity shot!

Show Business from Jenny:
  • Return Raffle tickets by 31/7
  • Opening Night tickets available for all your friends - $20
  • Posters and Flyers are available to be distributed in your local areas
  • Add your name to the rosters
  • Grace is in 'control' of set-up
  • Forms for selling quilts available from Robyn and Laurel
Next Year's Retreat:

Deb is starting to think about the organisation,  so she is looking for suggestions.  As 2015 is an 'off-show' year, the suggested dates are late in August.     Give it some thought and chat to Deb.

Show and Tell:

But first congratulations to Jessica,  Deb and Cath's MO Group:  Guild Show winners !!

This is Jessica's winning quilt:   the back is equally as stunning.

Grace participated in a two hour workshop at the Guild Show and this is result:  being an overachiever, Grace made her scarf reversible !  Looks super good.

The Door !

Still not working as it should be: await the next installment !

Elva - hope you are feeling better  ...     Cheers Iris 

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