Thursday 10 July 2014


Thursday 10th July
Hi quilters and friends. Elva here. Quite a good turn up today given there were several people away at the Guild Show. Some of us went yesterday and loved it. Reports are that the venue is filled with light for good viewing of the quilts. Also travel is variously successful and then not so much. Ferry seems to be the easiest and most pleasant. Table space and chairs for eating and break times was a bit limited. Some of us ended up 'picnicking' on the carpet! Obviously many visitors used to vacate the Darling Harbour site and head to local restaurants and China Town for lunch. Not possible at Rozelle Bay! Overall it was agreed that the show was great and the quilts well worth all the efforts of getting there. Three Hunters Hill Quilters won prizes: Jessica with her 'Errant Geese', Catherine B with 'String Along' and Deborah L with 'Modern Plumming'. Hearty congratulations to all these members.

Now we can concentrate on our very own grand event on August. Just 4 weeks away!
More blokes needed (on the Thursday) of the capable to climb ladders variety. Also some free-standing 6 foot ladders.
Forms for stage quilt sales will be available next week.
Still some gaps in the jobs rosters to be filled next week it is hoped.
Raffle tickets and money returned by end of July please.
Outstanding card quilts by July 24th please.

Still having problems with the 'wonderful' new hall door! The poor guy from the council is being driven crazy by calls from us and all the other hall users. The manufacturers and locksmiths have gone back to the drawing board yet again trying to get it right. Ho hum! We hope for some improvement next week. Thanks for your patience everyone. Actually, come to think of it, what else can we do but be patient?

Last but not least, some Show and Tell!

Note: the 'made fabric' workshop quilt shown in the previous blog is being donated to a refugee group through Jill R's daughter.

Baby Quilts from (in this order) Robyn S, June and Gil

Margaret D's ckeck beauty and the back made from table cloths

A lovely wagga by Susan H and Jessica

Have a rugged up weekend everyone. Have fun at the show for those heading that way. Tell us all about it next week. 

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