Friday 18 April 2014

Easter Thursday

Business first,  and then some great 'show and tell' pictures.   The key 'business' discussion was focused on Jessica's research and plans for Workshops during this year.

  • First a community workshop next community day - 1st May:  Jessica, Susan and Grace will take us through the Victoria Findlay Wolfe's fabric making process from her book '15 minutes of play'.  The aim is to make 'fabric' in 'masculine' colours, so we an add some 'men and boy' quilts to our community stash.  Sewing machines will be needed.
  • Later in the year, probably 3rd quarter,  we can look forward to a presentation from Bridget Giblin to share her collection of old quilts.  
  • Jessica is also looking at workshops sharing our in house skills:  needle turn applique and machine quilting were both mentioned.  

Any other requests/suggestions - let Jessica know and I'm sure she will make it happen!

Other stuff:

  • Last opportunity to participate in the May retreat:  see Kerry soon/i.e. immediately
  • Don't forget, May 8th for your Playing Card 

Show and Tell
Check out this 'modern Australian crazy patchwork'  from Betty.  

and the detail ... including the selvages

Marie G. contributed four cot quilts for the Grace Centre

To add to our community 'stash' -  a quilt from Narelle and quilted by Gil.

And Janet had a story on this one .. the left overs from another quilt and she made quite a few blocks with no bobbin in the machine !  

Have a great Easter  ...   Cheers Iris

Friday 11 April 2014

Thursday 10th April

The play card challenge due in a month!
Hope everybody is still enjoying The challenge! I have seen a couple of amazing cards.
It will be a great display the Thursday before Mother's day.

Today's Business!

  • Don't forget about your show entrees!  They should have been entered by now.
  • Provide an emergency contact number.

Show and Tell

One more cot quilt by Janet

And another beauty by Mary K.

Iris did bring in the lovely books of the Round Robin.

Happy Stitching!

Friday 4 April 2014

April Community Day

This is Iris again, standing in for 'Helena, the blogger' as Helena stood in for Elva 'the boss'!

As it was community day,  I thought I would start with Community News and do business later.

Susan has been super busy and organised for 3 quilts to be donated this week:   Betty was delivering two quilts to the Ryde Hunters Hill Community Centre.  One will be a gift to the 'Volunteer of the Year' and the other will be raffled to raise money toward the  BBQ for the Pittwater Road Community Housing.
Both quilts were made by Marie G. using fabrics from Betty W.

Scrappy Betty

Serpent Swirls

The third donation went to the Hornsby Lions Club, to be auctioned at a fund raising dinner in May. The quilt was made by Narelle and quilted by Grace.  

Ray of Sunshine

And continuing with community news:  Susan has two quilt tops in the 'cupboard' which need to be sandwiched and quilted .... any volunteers ?

And a new quilt to be added to the 'community stash' came from Robyn S. and her team of quilters.

Forest Floor

and the detail  .....

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this dramatic quilt being created on the design wall:  with help from Kathy's latest MO book.

Now on to Business:

  • Membership fees are overdue.
  • Show entries are due next week.
  • Consider putting an entry into the Modern Quilters 1st Show coming up in May - talk to Elva or Kathy for more details

And last but not least,  birthday congratulations to Robyn Ja   ...

Have a great sewing week   ...   Cheers Iris

Friday 28 March 2014

Last week in March

This is Iris,  standing in for Helena this week.

Before I jump into the business of the day,  Susan H, organised for several quilt donations.   Check out the pictures and the details on the  Community  page on our website.

And the business :

  • Don't forget Fairholme Quilters 30th Anniversary Quilt Show next weekend: Friday 4/4/2014, 11am to 5pm and Saturday 5/4/2014, 10am to 4pm,  at Thornleigh Community Centre, Phyllis Avenue, Thornleigh.
  • A very clever updated 'library' process - when you take out a library book, file the card at the front of the box and then when you return the book, file it back in it's proper place.  
  • Don't forget to give Elva details of your emergency contact numbers
  • 'Playing Cards' message from Jenny:  have fun, don't get stressed, enjoy the process - but remember they need to be ready for May 8th!

'Show and Tell':   

Just one cute cot quilt from Jenny,  but the backing was so good I had to add a picture!

That's all,   have a good week and next week is community week.    Enjoy,  Iris

Thursday 20 March 2014

International Day of Happiness

Check out the information about:
Friday, August 8th to Sunday, August 10th: 10 am to 4 pm
Opening night: Thursday, August 7th at 7pm

Thursday always make me Happy.
That's our quilting day!

Today's Business!
  • Don't forget about your show entrees! 
  • Provide an emergency contact number.
  • Pay your annual fee.
  • We have a printer/copymachine running, due to a gift from a friend of Jill. :))

Show and Tell

Marie K. made 2 more cot quilts!

Elva is finishing one of her UFO's.
Started with a jelly roll.
It's going to her sister for her 70th Birthday in November.

That was it for today!
Happy Stitching,

Friday 14 March 2014

Thursday 13th March

Check out the information about:    2014 Hunters Hill Quilt Show
Friday, August 8th to Sunday, August 10th: 10 am to 4 pm
Opening night: Thursday, August 7th at 7pm

Comments after last week's blog were good.
So I was asked to give it another go this week.
I'm having a bit of a struggle this week, to get it right. 
Can't use colour for example, hope that the photos have been reduced in size!
Will check that out for next time, but don't want to wait much longer posting this blog.

It was great to see Felicity at quilting today!

'business' of the day from Elva:

  • Membership fees to Audrey, please.
  • Entry forms for quilt show are due the 10th April
  • Workshops: Jessica would still love to hear your suggestions
  • Raffle tickets will come available next week
Iris has made a fabulous book of the Round Robin Challenge.
Everybody who is interested can order it by talking to Iris.

Show and Tell

Susan made sure we have some nice quilts to donate to the Bush Fire Appeal
This one is made by Ros, I'm not sure if it got a name!

Wall hanging made by Grace

Two blankets decorated with some nice labels and finished with colourful binding!

Ozzie, Ozzie,Ozzie
Made by Susan H.

And look at the back!  :))

Public Open Day 
See the quilts before they go to their new homes
One day only: Fri 21st May 2014
10am - 7pm  Free entry!
Springwood Salvation Army
15 - 23 Frances St Faulconbridge

There was more Show and Tell
Joy made an sea theme inspired cushion for her daughter's 30th Birthday,
Happy Birthday

Judy S. made a camouflage quilt for her youngest son.
He is thrilled about it, so are we!
Using the Hexandmore ruler.

Happy stitching,

Thursday 6 March 2014

Thursday 6th March

My premiere as a blog contributor!
How exciting is that?
So forgive me if I do forget to write down important information, cause I'm pretty sure I will.

Today was community day.
The hall was buzzing.

Kathy D. did a demonstration/workshop with the Kaleido Ruler!
Thank you Kathy.

Merlyn did a good job chain sewing a lot of the triangles together.

 Show and Tell

4 quilts given to Community by Marie Grove

Blue Brick

Red Brick

Scrappy Bettie

Red Serpent

The orange group finished 2 more quilts from the donations they got from Helena's golf friend Avril.

Purple Haze

Sunny Garden

Grace made this gender neutral fabulous quilt for the Bush Fire Quilt Appeal


There will be many more quilts for community to show in the nearby future, cause we saw a lot of donated tops!

Avalon Quilters
They have their show on this Friday 9am.-7pm.and Saturday 9am.-5pm.
in the Uniting Church hall, Bellevue Ave, Avalon Beach

Happy Stitching,
I'm of to Canberra now to see the Historic Map exhibition, which should be fantastic,