Friday 4 April 2014

April Community Day

This is Iris again, standing in for 'Helena, the blogger' as Helena stood in for Elva 'the boss'!

As it was community day,  I thought I would start with Community News and do business later.

Susan has been super busy and organised for 3 quilts to be donated this week:   Betty was delivering two quilts to the Ryde Hunters Hill Community Centre.  One will be a gift to the 'Volunteer of the Year' and the other will be raffled to raise money toward the  BBQ for the Pittwater Road Community Housing.
Both quilts were made by Marie G. using fabrics from Betty W.

Scrappy Betty

Serpent Swirls

The third donation went to the Hornsby Lions Club, to be auctioned at a fund raising dinner in May. The quilt was made by Narelle and quilted by Grace.  

Ray of Sunshine

And continuing with community news:  Susan has two quilt tops in the 'cupboard' which need to be sandwiched and quilted .... any volunteers ?

And a new quilt to be added to the 'community stash' came from Robyn S. and her team of quilters.

Forest Floor

and the detail  .....

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this dramatic quilt being created on the design wall:  with help from Kathy's latest MO book.

Now on to Business:

  • Membership fees are overdue.
  • Show entries are due next week.
  • Consider putting an entry into the Modern Quilters 1st Show coming up in May - talk to Elva or Kathy for more details

And last but not least,  birthday congratulations to Robyn Ja   ...

Have a great sewing week   ...   Cheers Iris

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