Friday 24 March 2023

23rd March

 Hi Everyone,

Today we were able to welcome back some members who haven’t been able to meet with us for some time. It was wonderful to be able to have a catchup and see them in person.

Jenny S has completed a Bonnie Hunter designed quilt - 2021 challenge, for community. A truly amazing quilt Jenny! 

Two quilts from the Blue group were made for Community, one being colourful fish and the other black and white with colourful squares.

Carolyn came with 10 baby quilts to add to our collection for Little Wonder RPA. This week’s baby quilt from Christie were fish swimming between the seaweed.

This is the final week to pay Membership fees. Thank you to everyone who has already paid. 👏

Show & Tell

Blue Group Community Quilts

Jenny S completed Bonnie Hunter designed quilt

10 baby quilts from Carolyn

Christie’s baby quilt

Until next week.
Happy quilting, Sandy

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