Thursday 16 March 2023

16th March

 Hi Everyone,

We were grateful for the air conditioned hall at quilting today.

Sue D has been able to put us in contact with a Women’s Refuge in Taree who are happy to receive our community quilts made by our members. Hunters Hill Quilters today donated 9 quilts and 8 cot quilts so they can be given to women and children who require new living arrangements. Thank you Sue for taking care of the delivery for us.

Marie K showed her quilt top she made from material her son had purchased from a recent visit to Japan. The backing was just as impressive as the quilt top making it reversible, two quilts in one!

Christie presented her completed weekly baby quilt with a cute Koala print backing material.

🤔 Reminder about fees please pay before the end of the month.

Show & Tell

Japanese material quilt by Marie K 

Baby quilt made by Christie

Until next week.

Happy quilting, Sandy

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