Sunday 26 February 2023

23 February, 2023

 Hi Everyone,

We have had our AGM and we now have a new President! Sandy will do an outstanding job.

I have enjoyed the last 5 years with all its challenges. It has certainly been a most unusual time for us all but we seem to have come through pretty well. 

This will be my last Blog. Having to prepare it every week can become a chore but it is a good place to showcase our work.

Alison takes care of our Instagram posts and Iris looks after Facebook. It all works well.

Many of you make a special effort to attend the AGM. It was wonderful to see so many there. Laurel and Kathy were there. Unfortunately Beryl R. has had a fall and is quite unwell. Also we miss Carolyn who has been in hospital and also Marie G. who is also also unwell.

We hope to see them again very soon.

I was overwhelmed with my beautiful quilt given as a parting gift from you all. I just love it. Even Ian was amazed by it. Thank you all very much. It will be treasured.

Show and Tell:

Quilt from Marie K.  Robyn Jnst will take this one to her charity.

Two baby quilts from Alison.

Baby quilt from Christie. Christie has set herself the challenge of making a baby quilt a week.

Baby quilts from  Sue D.

Sandy will be with you next week ......


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