Saturday 10 April 2021

Lots Happening at HHQ

There was lots of activity at Hunters Hill Quilters on Thursday even though many of us had family committments in the school holidays.

Robyn took 100 baby quilts to the Grace Centre for Newborns this week, all ready for Mother's Day.

Marie alerted us to a lovely article in The Weekly Times about Doreen by Phillip Ward who noted that "As a near neighbour of the Field of Mars Wildlife Refuge Doreen was a long term member of the Society and an active volunteer offering her time to staff the Visitor Centre with Val Nelson at weekends and working as a bush regenerator in the Reserve.

"Doreen was always community-minded, committed and very involved with other organisations including the Hunters Hill Trust and Hunters Hill Quilters."

Doreen will always be remembered for her enthuisiasm for Waggas so here are a couple of photos of her masterpieces:

Ros has made another 42 teddies for Robyn Jo. to deliver to the Sutherland Trauma Centre:

Marie K. made these cute quilts for Amalie House Women's Refuge:

Grace has made two quilts for boys at Bear Cottage:

A Touch of Blue

Stepping Stones

Until next week....Alison

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