Friday 2 April 2021

A Welcome Visitor

 Hi Everyone,

It was very special and a pleasure to have Doreen's daughter visit our group this week. Natalie went around to every group to say thank you and to share memories of Doreen. A very special treat indeed.

As usual many things were going on in the group this week. Apart from catching up with each others' news, many were busy sewing.

Beryl R. was back after a few weeks break, Grace helped Narelle tie her wagga quilt. It looks terrific if I do say so myself!

Heather brought a number of paper patterns for us to share. The remainder she was taking to the Sewing Basket. There were also bits and pieces from Natalie, of Doreen's things to share.

Elva had news of the interment of Norma's ashes at the Hunters Hill Church.

Sandy and Alison put the Christmas Challenge blocks on the design wall and pinned them together ready for sewing. They were so quick, the next time I checked they were all sorted and back in the box ready for Sandy to take home.

Heather also mentioned that Jan T Baillie, used to be Urquhart, the owner of Down Under Quilts, died recently from cancer. Many of us remember her magazine and quilt patterns.

I won't be in next week but Alison has kindly agreed to step in for me.

Show and Tell:

Five baby quilts from Carolyn.

One of Alysoun's quilts. She loved blue. 

Iris made this special quilt. All beautifully hand quilted.

Sue D. made this colourful quilt for Community.

Until next time ....

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