Saturday 15 February 2020

Homeless for another week

Hullo Everyone,

We are still in the Scout Hall - our fourth week. I have heard from Council. They cannot give me a date for our return to Fairland hall.
Unfortunately the volume of damage to the Child Care Centre is more extensive than previously thought which is most disappointing.
However we are making the best of the Scout Hall.
We do miss our cupboards and the members who do not find it easy to come to the venue.

We have however made the meetings fun and our usual camaraderie is ever present.

A special thank you to Suzie. Every week Suzie carries the tea and coffee bits and pieces to the hall for our morning tea.We appreciate this very much.

Contemporary Raffle Quilt:

Iris surprised us with the contemporary raffle quilt this week. Iris had spent the last very rainy weekend mostly on her hands and knees, putting the blocks together. An amazing effort.
I must say the quilt looks fantastic. I am sure we will be selling many raffle tickets as so many people would love to win the quilt.
A huge thank you to Iris.

Cheryl's Fabric:

For those of you who remember Cheryl, Elva sent me news from Cheryl's daughter.
She donated a pile of Cheryl's fabric to a sewing bee making pouches fro wildlife injured in the bushfires.
They were thrilled to get such a donation.
They made 610 pouches and basket pads. They especially liked the bright fabrics as this helps them identify each animal.
Below I have included a photo for you to see.


Important information about our retreat in May.

The dates are 1-3 May 2020.

The venue requires a minimum of 20. Also the cost has risen by $40 this year.

Narelle will be handing out the information soon.

Show and Tell:

Lindy joined us this week with a Baby quilt - lots of little Scottie dogs.

Until next week ....

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