Thursday 5 September 2019

Early Blog this week

Hi Everyone,

We have our quilting retreat this weekend, so I am doing the blog before I go.

Thank you Helena for the free motion quilting workshop today. It was a pity more members didn't attend but it is awkward for many to bring along their machines.
Susan H. and I learnt a lot and tried hard. Not easy but requires a lot of practice.

Iris spent a lot of time sorting one of the cupboards. Grace and Debbie A. told us about a workshop that they had attended at Material Obsession where they started on a traveller's quilt.

It is a great idea. Collect fabric, cottons etc on your travels then start off with a  piece of fabric. Handstitch pathways etc to make a quilt record of your travels adding bits and pieces that you find along the way.

Thank you Lindy for the avocadoes and bananas from your farm.. They are always a welcome surprise.

Show and Tell:

Two baby quilts from Alison's friend. The check fabric was donated to us by the Miranda Patchwork shop. It is very soft and perfect for young skin.

Two baby quilts from Lindy.

Retreat news next week .....

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