Friday 15 February 2019

Annual General Meeting 2019

Hi Everyone,

We held our AGM at noon this week. It was good to see such a large attendance.
We received reports from the President, Treasurer, Community Coordinator, Membership, Retreat Coordinator, Librarian and Workshop Coordinator.
All reported a good year for 2018.

Office Bearers for 2019 were nominated and accepted as follows:

Executive Committee:

President -                         Judy
Vice President -                 Susan D.
Secretary -                         Jenny
Treasurer -                         Akiko
Community Coordinator - Iris
2020 Show Convenor -     Alison

Sub Committee:

Membership coordinator     Kerry
Retreat Coordinator             Narelle
Kitchen                                 Suzie L
Librarian                               Susan D.
Workshop Coordinator          Helena

The raffle quilts were decided for our 2020 Show:

The Contemporary quilt is the one we began at our 2018 retreat, from orphan blocks made by members.

The Traditional quilt is a beautiful design that requires a great deal of intricate and accurate stitching. Christie Dupond has kindly agreed to take charge of this project.


* Akiko reported that her Mother loved the quilt we sent over to her.

* Laurel will be visiting on February 28.

* Robyn Jnst, has been asked to make as many sensory mats as possible for needy young children.
It is a huge task and Robyn would love any of our members to help out. If you can make one or two in between your other sewing and quilting, they will be be gratefully accepted.
Below is a photo of some knitted and crocheted toys that Robyn attaches to the mats.
The children love to feel them and cuddle them. Often they do not want to give them back.
If you need any ideas I am sure Robyn would be happy to provide suggestions. Grace is always a good one to ask for ideas as well.
Grace will be bringing in a copy of patterns for the knitted animals next week.

Retreat 6-8 September 2019:

I had a call from Desley at Kurri Kurri to say that they have put their fees up a little from last year.
The accommodation has increased by $20 per person.
Everything else stays the same.

Show and Tell:

Below Robyn Jms. has made the Amish rag rug out of her 'unloved' purple fabric.
Robyn made it in super quick time and it looks great.
Alison and Helena will be holding a workshop to make these rugs on next Community Day 7 March.

Below are examples of the knitted and crocheted animals for the childrens' sensory mats. My favourite is the mouse.
However you can let your imagination run wild and come up with lots of other examples.

Below is a beautiful quilt made from Adrienne's fabrics. Robyn S. and Iris have done all the hard and detailed work to make this amazing quilt.
It will be for sale at our next show.
Iris has called it "Flowers from William and Michelle" in tribute to the William Morris and Michelle Hill fabrics used in the quilt.

Below is a quilt made by Marie K for her granddaughter. Marie has used some fabrics from Margaret D. and Grace has quilted it. Her granddaughter wants to learn patchwork. She is very lucky to have such a great teacher. Marie makes lovely quilts and bags and seems to make them all in record time.

Until next week ........

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