Sunday 16 September 2018

Full house and furniture rearranged

Hi Everyone,

When I arrived on Thursday our room had been completely rearranged. Our tables were put together to make a square. It seems more friendly this way but sometimes more room is needed, depending what you are working on. We can experiment with various arrangements which will be fun.  It was a lively meeting due in part to the new layout.

Felicity was back after an absence of 10 weeks due to her health. It was a delight to see her.
Lindy brought in a large box of avocados from her farm for us to share.
A new member, Bev has joined us. Welcome!
 And we have a new coffee pot in the kitchen to replace the broken one.

News from Hunters Hill Council:

I had an email from Hunters Hill Council re our fridge. They have received many complaints about the state of it. It will be completely cleaned out on September 25. We will all be very pleased with this news. It has been a long time coming.

A nice story:

I had a call from a lady called Cathy last week. She wanted to know where Norma was living now. I told her where she was. However she soon called back to say she hadn't had any luck contacting the nursing home.
I made a call to track a number down for her.
When I called Cathy back to tell her, she said that she had actually been that day and spent an hour and a half with Norma. Cathy's mother and Norma went to school together and the families have always kept in touch. As Cathy is now living in the UK she was here for a visit and wanted to see Norma before she went back.

Future events:

On October 18, Susi Stuby from Inala will visit us and speak about her organisation. Inala provides high quality support for people living with a disability. Each year we donate one or two community quilts for them to raffle for funds.

On October 25, Coleen is coming with her jewellery shop pop-up. This is a good time to purchase Christmas presents or some pretty jewellery for yourself.

Quilt Shows:

* Camden Haven Quilters are having their show on September 29-30 at Laurieton.

* Schoolhouse Quilters in Orange. September 30 to Ocober 1.

* Novocastrian Quilters on Novermber 3-4 at Broadmeadow in Newcastle.

Show and Tell:

 Above a baby quilt from Lindy.

 Four baby quilts above from Carolyn.

 A pretty quilt above from one of our newest members, Georgina, and hand quilted too.

Christie hand pieced and quilted this intricate quilt above. Lots of exacting work. Well done Christie.

Robyn Jnst. found this quilt at the back of her cupboard and decided to finish it. It is so pretty I can't imagine how she could forget it.

Until next week ....

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