Monday 13 August 2018

Photos from the Show

Hi Everyone,

Our show this year was fantastic! All our hard work paid off , the hall looked spectacular with the quilts hanging in a slightly different way this year and we met so many lovely, lovely quilters.
What a treat for us all.

I am only doing a short blog today as I am also organising a school reunion lunch for tomorrow.

Some photos for you all below. Alison will be posting all the show quilts on Flickr on Thursday and the winners on Instagram, Kathy Doughty will have a short video speaking at the show about us and our two charities that we are supporting.

The stitching lounge at the show. This is always popular.

Grace and a visitor in the Wagga room. Many visitors came to the Wagga room and learnt about the origin of the Wagga and saw many examples. Gil and Grace held the fort and did a great job.

The winning quilt. Robyn Jm. used the log cabin block in a different orientation to the usual log cabin design. It has many, many small pieces and the colours really catch your eye. A beautiful quilt. Congratulations Robyn.

Opening night.

 The stage sales area. We sold almost all the lovely items we had made and many of the quilts.

Meg giving our show judge a Wagga as a thank you. Robyn was a wonderful judge. Her comments about each of the winning quilts were well thought out and well received. Thank you Robyn.

More photos next week .....

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