Sunday 1 July 2018

Wagga Class and Presentation

Hello Everyone,

Our Show:

Preparations for our show are heating up. Iris has the Publicity well underway.

 * I am distributing Raffle tickets and Opening Night tickets now.

* Narelle will be putting out the Rosters next week for us all to volunteer to help at the show.

There will be requests for food to bring for the kitchen - sandwiches and slices. 
Also for food preparation, washing up and serving our guests. It is always great fun in the Kitchen.

*Raffle Desk and Front door sales.

*White glove duty.

*Stitching Lounge participants.

*Every member is expected to help with the setting up on Thursday 9 August. Also everyone is expected to bring a plate for Opening Night. Narelle has requested only warm or cold canapes, small tarts, etc.

*Suzie L. has requested that anyone wishing to sell a quilt at the show, to fill out one of her forms.

Wagga News:

* Grace will be giving a presentation to the Embroiderer's Guild on Wednesday 11 July at Concord West. If you would like to go along the address is below.

Address is:
76 Queen Street
Concord West.

* Grace is also teaching a Wagga Class at Material Obsession on Saturday 21 July. Please contact Material Obsession on 02 9819 6455 if you would like to join.

This week Grace was working on a Wagga made by weaving strips of fabric together and adding decorative stitches. Yet another way to make a Wagga.

Speaking of Waggas, as next week is our Community Day, we will be preparing Wagga Kits to sell at the Show.  So join in and enjoy.

A very special Donation:

Bronwen, a friend of June's donated 9 quilts to our group this week. Bronwen is happy for us to sell or distribute "as we see fit."
Every quilt is beautifully made using the best fabrics and wonderful colours.
We were all stunned by Bronwen's generosity. There were many 'oohs and aahhs' as each one was shown.

Show and Tell:

Above are a selection of little birds we prepared at our "Booth" at the recent Craft Show. They are so cute.

The above three Baby Quilts are from June. The small squares in the middle quilt are from Hayley.
All three are very pretty and perfectly made. Thank you June.

Until next week ......

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