Saturday 10 February 2018

A Big Day For Community Quilts

Below you will see a batch of lovely quilts which have been made by members for our Community Quilts collection. Thanks to all the members who have contributed and worked on these over the weeks and months.

A final reminder that next Thursday, 15th February will be our AGM, at 12pm in the hall.

A reminder to keep all email addresses and phone numbers up to date with Kerry, our secretary. This information is vital amd needs to be current.

A form will soon be circulated with all members names and space to record emergency contact details, should anything befall a member while at group or on an excursion or retreat etc. The current one is very out of date, and it’s time to bring it up to date now. Thanks.


First comes a shot taken at the basting tables, where Doreen was contemplating backings for this stunning new Wagga! It is destined for community or the show, either way it will be yet another spectacular creation. Amazing work ladies! Doreen was thinking a backing of the small black and white check, and I told her it sounded just right. Always on the ball with design these Wagga ladies.
Grace reminded everyone that plenty more waggas will be needed for the show, so she encouraged anyone and everyone to ‘give it a go’.

Next comes a quilt collectively made by the ladies at Judy G’s table. A clever and beautiful design ladies and with a surprising and attractive backing as well. Well done and thank you ladies.

Maree K made this lovely quilt which has been called “Family Tree”. It will be given to the CWA who are always very grateful for donations from us. Thanks Maree.

Grace showed us the second tulip-themed quilt. This one has been call “Tiptoe Through the Tulips”. Grace tells us that is finally the last of the left-over tulips! It’s very lovely Grace, thanks.

Maree G made the next quilt for the community collection. The theme is chickens, and there are chickens aplenty! If you look at the close-up you’ll see a range of sizes of chicken wire fabric used for the background. What a charming idea Maree! And the story doesn’t end there - there’s more chooks on the back as well! Spectacular. Thanks Maree.

And last of all, Kerry showed us a sweet little quilt made by her for her nephew. A very cute fabric with a cars and trucks theme. Luck nephew. Thanks for showing us Kerry.

And that’s all the news for this week.
See you all next Thursday. Stay cool!

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