Friday 12 January 2018

Welcome Back! 11/1/18

On a sectacular January day members returned to Fairland Hall to start another year of stitching fun and friendship. It was wonderful to see so many faces fresh from holiday breaks and travel stories.

This is going to be a Show year, so there’s no time to lose in starting preparations. Both raffle quilts for the August Show are well and truly ready, with many hours of work during last year from all members.
The Show has now been listed on the official Hunters Hill Council 2018 Activities Calendar, and thankfully there are no date clashes for the period of the exhibition. This means it’s more likely we will attract plenty of local visitors and those from nearby suburbs as well.
The next Show Meeting for committee members will be Thursday, 22nd February at 9.30am in the Baby Health room across the road.

Our AGM for this year will be on Thursday, 15th February at 12pm in the Fairland Hall for all members.
Kerry will send out an email regarding this very soon.


Iris showed us a gorgeous quilt which she has made from fabric donated by Hayley and with some of her own as well. Perfect Iris colours! She also did the quilting herself. Very beautiful Iris, and this will be donated to the community quilts collection. Iris has called it “Bluebirds”

Jenny S showed a quilt she has made from a Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt project. It’s fabulous! Jenny says they are not ‘her colours’ but they certainly made a wonderful quilt! Well done.

Judy S showed us a gorgeous and huge (king size bed) quilt she has made. The colours are wonderful, and Judy says it will be for their king-size bed which has never had a quilt big enough to go over the sides!
Well, by the look of this that problem will certainly now be solved, and in spectacular fashion! Well done Judy, and beautifully quilted by Grace.

The back is also well worth a look. A reversable quilt perhaps!

Grace showed two little baby quilts for the Grace Centre, one of which is made still from Vi’s stash!
Very sweet quilts Grace.

Carolyn D has made 44 bags for the Days For Girls organsiation! Well done Carolyn! They need all the help they can get. Great to see so much enthusiasm among our members for this charity, and as always Carolyn’s fabrics are outstanding!

Last of all, Robyn J showed us a very interesting and usable box within a box, full of handy sewing equipment. This was brought back for her from London by her daughter. I believe Robyn is now searching for a pattern of how to make these. Stay tuned! (We all want one!)

Well, it was a fun-filled day with lots of catching up to do. It looks like a busy and interesting year ahead.
fasten your seat belts everyone!
See you next week.
Cheers, Elva

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